Imagine moving from your ordinary life to an extraordinary life in a miraculously simple new way. That is what FlorAlive® represents... the ability to gently remove obstacles hidden in your subconscious mind that have restrained you from the greatness, ease, and joy that is your birthright.

The archival blog entries have been chosen for the important core information they contain. Blog (2023) houses Dr. Davis’ periodic observations and instructions on how to better navigate uncertainty and the climate of fear that afflicts too many people. His insights derive from a rich background of over forty years of practice in preventive/holistic medicine combined with the extraordinary additional life track of international travel and health research. Since the turn of the new millennium, he has discovered miraculous healing frequencies hidden in rare flowers that help us flourish.

Of special note will be forthcoming commentary on features of the new parallel society that must form to support individuals and communities that cherish freedom and personal sovereignty.