Photos of change


All the individuals photographed below were instructed before photos were taken, “Do NOT smile, maintain a resting expression.” When there appears to be a smile in the “after” photo, it is because the resting expression has permanently changed.

The aspect ratio of the before and after photographs in all the sets is identical. That is, the distance between the center of the irises on each of the photos is identical. Apparent changes in facial structure therefore are actual, and are not photographic artifacts.



After taking FlorAlive® flower essences for 30 days, I felt a subtle internal shift. I am more open and lately, I feel safe in showing my vulnerabilities to my partner. My relationship with him is starting to move to a more intimate and deeper level. I would like this process to continue for the rest of our lives…going deeper.

The situation at work is also shifting. I feel much calmer and not as easily affected by the constant pressure and negative energy around an intense and challenging environment. I am able to pace myself in the job without running around like a mad woman, unlike the rest of my co-workers.

There are more layers to be revealed and I am excited to be working with Dr. Davis’ flower inspiration in a personal journey toward raising my level of consciousness and discovering my true essence.




I am stunned with the rapid effects of ReviveAll™ and the other FlorAlive® flower essences.

I have been sleeping a lot, with my body and being undergoing transformation.




Before taking the FlorAlive® flower essences I was lost and tormented from years of abuse and
suffering. Doctor after doctor, and thousands of dollars had been spent trying to restore the damage, but I had given up any last hope within me. After mere days of taking the flower essences I (and others), began to notice a dramatic change. Now, I feel there is a light in my being and a divine glow of energy that shines through my eyes and radiates from me – the person I have missed all this time.

Now everything is beauty. I perceive with much greater clarity. I shall never go back to the dark place I was.




“I just feel a lot less internal tension – less stress. I’m more focused with less intensity. Kind of amazing… seamless.”




I came to see Dr. Davis on 4-21-05 because I had terrible headaches and no energy. Since starting the FlorAlive® essences the middle of May my life has been transformed. I am free of pain, and have great energy. Three years ago I had a thyroidectomy, I thought I was supposed to be without energy, and also accepted the headaches and fatigue. I can say today, after taking the UNCUT flower™ essences and making his recommended life changes that I am alive, energized, joyful, and looking forward to a great future. I am eating healthy and feeling better than 12 years ago. I used to drink 4 cups of coffee to start the day. Now I don’t have to drink it.
(P.S I am a teacher in a very tough school and the kids used to drain all my energy by the second period. Now I can teach nonstop all day, and still feel good.)



Dear Dr. Davis,

When I first met you I was a 65 year old woman with very little energy. I am not quite sure what has given me the stamina I have now, but I did not have this level of energy prior to the FlorAlive® flower essences. I live in a house below the street level. The driveway may be between 30 – 50 feet on an incline. I am a little out of breath when I arrive at the top, but I can do it now without stopping.

Again, my level of endurance has increased and I feel good. The weight has been lifted.

Thank you so very much.




One of the first things I noticed after taking the FlorAlive® UNCUT flower™ essences was that, in a subtle way, I became more present and “in my body”. I was able to settle more from a hyper-aroused state I was in almost all the time due to being in post-traumatic stress. I was able to become more grounded. It is remarkable that changes occurred so quickly – and just from consuming drops in water. I continued on with FlorAlive® for over a year, and I can say that it has truly been life changing.




Before I contacted FlorAlive® for a custom blend of flowers, I was in a car accident, and I had over 100 stitches on the left side of my skull. Very quickly after starting the drops I felt better spacial orientation and much less stress. What truly astonished me though is to notice that the shape of my face changed in such a short time and with no other therapy being administered. It had to be the drops! The right side of my skull was compressed after the accident and with FlorAlive® the compression of the skull was diminished and my right eye bony orbit opened up.


Before I started taking the FlorAlive® drops I was truly weary from many challenges in my life. Over the nine months that I took several FlorAlive® blends you can see the enormous transformation that took place. My work and my home life improve greatly. God bless you all that have made this incredible process of transformation so powerful and yet so gentle. Many thanks.”