Facial Images & Their Interpretation With Respect To Wellness & The Evolution of Consciousness

by Rev. Brent W. Davis, D.C.

FlorAlive® Founder

Copyright © 2008-2023

When I see new patients, it is always a goal to take facial photos in a non-smiling, resting expression before I begin treatment. The reason for this is to serve as a beginning record for documenting changes over time and response to therapy. When there are telephone follow-ups to private sessions or when individuals call into my office for phone consultation, the individual is responsible for taking the follow up photos, and often they forget to do this.

Please review this Photos of Change link now so you have reference for the following discussion.

One great benefit of the facial photo is to help individuals appreciate the FlorAlive® flower frequencies have exerted significant transformational benefits. When there is a noticeable positive change in the facial energetics, and the evolutionary shift appears to be permanent (and of course had not occurred in previous therapies–or you wouldn’t have the current likeness!), then that therapy was powerful and beneficial.

This is why I ask patients who I am working with over a distance (and you, the FlorAlive® consumer are encouraged to do this on your own), to take follow-up photos every week or two weeks during the time they are consuming the FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ essences. Based on that type of cooperative work, I often have the wonderful opportunity of documenting in individuals (and you can document on your own) changes in their facial/eye expression that I call, "The Emergence of Light." Even subtle changes in facial expression can signify major internal shifts.

An interesting variant of transformation that can be misunderstood is the arising of suppressed memories, beliefs, and emotions. This is profoundly beneficial and may not always be “a piece of cake.” With identification and proper encouragement you can help yourself quickly move through obstacles that have not yielded to previous healing attempts.

One of the common ways the above issues are observed in photos is to see initially a sort of blank or “out of body” expression attesting to the fact that the individual has been “checked out.” Once the proper series of essences is initiated, if there is a true desire for a shift, there is a common progression. From “blankness” in the expression often when change begins there is a “reseating” in the body accompanied by a troubled expression of concern, heaviness, anger or rage. Then as the next set of essences is consumed that will often transform to various degrees of greater balance. So… it is important not to misconstrue the temporary movement that is undesirable, because with continued application of the correct FlorAlive® flower frequencies, it will generally shift to the positive expression we seek. AND… there are many cases where huge positive shifts are felt immediately after the first FlorAlive® essence (no sense of heaviness at all.)

My purpose in presenting this outline for photo interpretation is to encourage individuals to actively engage in watching their energies over time (in facial photos) to serve as a yardstick for measuring the clearing of obstacles, the emergence of light, and the evolution of more joyful consciousness.

Characteristics to Monitor:

• How much "lightness", joy, and ease appear in the facial photo?

Often there is not much due to the tendency to carry in the
unconscious/subconscious mind:
  • (a) Individual memory of traumatic/tragic/frightening events from the past
  • (b) Group (collective unconscious) memory of traumatic events
  • (c) Hopelessness as a result of:
    1. Discomfort from the massive unconsciousness on the planet – and/or
    2. Failure of the average individual to recognize and oppose the global effort to remove human freedom (so evident in 2020.)

Gauging Traumatic Memory:

  1. As I gaze outward, is there a sense of "remoteness" or "disconnect" in either one or both of my eyes? If so, is the "disconnect"

    1. A vague sense of being lost?
    2. A sense of abandonment, "why did you leave me?"
    3. A sense of betrayal?
    4. Emptiness, absence of fulfillment with a gaze that says, "Will you complete me?"

    How much is each eye involved. Watch if this changes and if the eyes equalize.

  2. Is there a sense of shock (terror, horror), as if something horrible was witnessed. This is often from deep, past memories, and may require persistent work and many FlorAlive® essences to change.

  3. Is there a sense of anger, raging, an intensity of assertiveness, or the vow of revenge?

    (Because the nature of the true feminine is completely incompatible with these characteristics, I am saddened at how often I see this in women – yet it is understandable. Emotional/physical abuse occurs often. Also, there is an urgent awareness that now the exploitation of the feminine (Earth) must stop. When allowance and receiving are restored, and transcendent flower frequencies of love are consumed, very rapid changes can occur in this domain.)

  4. Is there self-confidence, or the reverse, poor self-esteem, which can often be covering a sense of shame?

  5. Is there heavy-heartedness? This energy expression often says, "It is my duty to carry the weight of the world". It is an unnecessary sacrificial vow.

  6. What is the degree of spiritual resoluteness? One of the most wonderful things I see attributable to FlorAlive® essences (determining this when they are used as the sole intervention, with different combinations over time), is the gradual emergence of more balanced energy between the eyes, and a steady increase of peaceful resoluteness.

Over Time and with Persistence, the Goal is:

  • .Balance between the eyes
  • .Connectedness to this physical plane
  • .The resoluteness of alignment with Source/God consciousness (which results in valid self-esteem)
  • .Tranquility, ease, and a glow of inner light coming from the eyes
  • .Aliveness and youthfulness (and perhaps a twinkle of mischief?)

With the hope that you will receive the blessings of our special flower companions which serve as a unique type of sacrament.


Brent W. Davis, D.C.

P.S. To learn how Dr. Davis integrates FlorAlive® into an intensive total care program, please see: Dr. Davis’ 3 Day Holistic Health Intensive Program