How Can We Measure Healing Miracles

First published in 2005

by Dr. Brent W. Davis

• FlorAlive® Founder   •  Inventor of the UNCUT Flower™ Extraction Process

Since the turn of the millennium I have been in the process of clinically developing a new form of emotional and subconscious healing through the use of a novel form of flower essence – from UNCUT flowers.

The way flower essences achieve healing in general is by a transfer of their healing frequency from the extracting medium which they float in (water) which is bottled and is taken by the consumer as drops.  The greater the amount of energy captured in the water from flowers, the greater the healing power.

Since Dr. Bach’s original flower essence discovery over 70 years ago, essentially all flower essence companies have used his method for preparing essences. Using Dr. Bach’s method, the living force of the plant is severed and the dying flower is placed in water to make the remedy. This process disrupts the transfer of healing energy, as illustrated below.


In 2001 I patented a method which extracts flowers without cutting them, while they are vibrant with life.  Their healing power is vastly more powerful as a result.

3-in-Happy-FlowerAdditionally, I am finding flowers never before used in essence therapy which have especially valuable properties, and that adds another whole healing dimension. I gather several essences, for example, from a remote and energized valley 15,000 feet in the Andes. Others from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. Others from the pristine mountains of Hawaii, some from Western Australia. Many come from the forest at my healing retreat 70 miles outside of Nashville.


I am increasingly surprised and my patients are astonished at the positive emotional and life shifts that are occurring as a result of the essences.

Measuring Healing Miracles

I obtain instant feedback from patients by using applied kinesiology muscle testing coupled with a process called “semantic screening.”  In this process the patient repeats aloud a test phrase such as, “my self esteem is strong and balanced,” or others such as, “I allow myself to receive love.”  (I now have over 30 core test phrases with corresponding flowers to clear unhealthy concepts we hold in our subconscious mind.) When an initially strong indicator muscle weakens as a result of saying one of these phrases, it indicates that subconsciously the patient does not believe the statement to be true.

As an example, a muscle weakened by saying the self-esteem phrase can usually be strengthened by the UNCUT flower essence of tulip poplar.  The miracle is that healthy subconscious mind changes often become permanent after taking the drops for a few weeks. It is hard to believe that someone’s self esteem could change by taking a floral essence. However, I am seeing it time and time again.  And physical appearance and behavior often make dramatic changes too. I document these changes with my patients by taking pre and post treatment digital images.

Some examples of major test phrases and the flowers to correct the blockage are:

I am free from judgement – Wild Hydrangea
I am filled with forgiveness – Dogwood
I allow myself to receive love – Flor de la Luna
I am comfortable with my feminine beauty – Purush Purush

And there are many more.

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