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Custom Blend Selector

The selector will now compare the numbers of each flower with the numbers of the written descriptions to see if there is a match. Any of those matches are "definites" for your personal blend, and will appear at the bottom of the page.

There may be no matches, and if that is the case, choose from the flowers and from the descriptions a total of up to six flower ingredients for your blend.

To create your final blend, check the boxes in the "definites" area as well as boxes in the subconscious and conscious mind areas which seem to be the best match. Click the link to move your custom blend to the shopping cart.

Take note of how you feel and shift once you start the essences, and ask family and friends close to you to observe if they notice change. One bottle of essences consumed regularly last about 3 weeks.

When it is finished, you are ready to return to the selector for your next custom blend.

The evolution of your consciousness & joy is unlimited.

No matches found. Select a total of up to six flowers from the combined flowers in the conscious and subconscious mind areas.
SUBconscious Mind Choices
No SUBconscious mind choices found. Please go to Step 1.
CONCIOUS Mind Choices
No CONCIOUS mind choices found. Please go to Step 2.
Final Selection
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