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What stops you from living the life you have always wanted?

  • Are you feeling stuck without knowing why?
  • Are you letting stress rob the joy from your life?
  • Are you in need of more money or a better job?
  • Are you suffering from poor self-esteem?
  • Are you in a troubled relationship?
  • Are you grieving over something?

For nearly 20 years, our patented flower essences have been helping people like you overcome their inner stresses and fulfill their dreams. Whether you want to overcome anxiety, deal with grief, improve your relationships, and more, we have the right solution for you. Please continue to scroll down to learn more about these fascinating flower essences.

Is hidden stress stopping you from having the life of your dreams?

The Origins and Power of the FlorAlive® Process…
Dr. Davis Interview on Pacifica Radio Network

What Really Happens
When You Take our
UNCUT Flower™ Essences…

The FlorAlive® flower essences act like “Liquid Software For The Mind™”, “overwriting” and removing defeating beliefs and memories of trauma from our unconscious mind. When these “inner weights” are removed from your shoulders, the door to astonishing new possibilities is thrown wide open.

The powerful flowers we extract come from highly energized regions around the world, often located in vortexes where huge amounts of transformational “information” enters and is absorbed by the flowers. We capture this amazing living energy, for your benefit, and leave the flowers unharmed. From the forests of the United States to the remote Andes mountains in Peru, for over a decade, Dr. Davis has traveled around the world discovering special flowers that form “frequencies” to heal your mind and spirit.

By NOT cutting the flowers when they are extracted, their highly coherent and aligning frequencies are maintained. The maximal transformational power is transmitted to our body, delivering the greatest healing possibilities.

“How will you Change Your Life Once
YOU Unleash your Full Potential?”

Hold on to your dreams and get ready for a “boost from the Divine!” Our potent flower essence will help clear your HIDDEN subconscious beliefs that sabotage your life 24/7. It is a simple choice with practically no risk and many rewards for you and your loved ones.

Is hidden stress stopping you from having the life of your dreams?

Effectiveness of FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ essences has been MEASURED by a Clinical Diagnostic Approach since our beginning…

Dr. Davis’ new and advanced approach to using flower essences arose from his clinical experience in herbal medicine, homeopathy, and applied kinesiology muscle testing. Unlike other flower remedy essences available in the marketplace, Dr. Davis teaches health professionals to routinely measure the effectiveness of FlorAlive® on patients and clients BEFORE administration.

Dr. Davis discovered a unique clinical way to MEASURE if a specific negative thought is initially present and then leaves your subconscious mind after exposure to FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ frequencies.

This means that clinically THE POTENTIAL  FOR A BENEFICIAL OUTCOME is measured BEFORE taking the product. To validate the effectiveness of a particular flower, Dr. Davis utilizes a clinical procedure called “semantic screening of self-referential statements.”

By using applied kinesiology muscle testing, it is ROUTINELY possible for clinicians testing FlorAlive® essences to:

  • Locate unhealthy beliefs that are interfering with your full potential,
  • Remove them by placing test drops orally, and to
  • Start the transformation process.

What leading health professionals have proven in their offices is now available to you!

So Why Wait?

Now is time to act and take the NEXT Step. We have formulated 7 Powerful Remedies of FlorAlive® flower essences For You.
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