Dr. Edward Bach is Smiling

I was living at my farm in 1999 when, one lovely spring morning, I awoke in an astonished state, remembering every detail of a revelation I had experienced the previous night. I say “revelation” because that was the only thing I could think to call it. The first part of my dream had centered around an historical figure well known in the field of natural medicine, Dr. Edward Bach, yet I had not thought of him at all for many years. His writings had impressed me when I was a pre-med student.

At that time I had the good fortune of discovering Dr. Bach’s classic booklet, Heal Thyself. It was enormously inspiring to me because it discussed the true origins of disease. Dr. Bach articulately described the fact that modern medicine had lost sight of the true causes of disease, concentrating solely on the materialistic nature of illness rather than more essential psycho-spiritual causative factors – the roots of illness – which mature for a long time before manifesting. He wrote that when disease is attacked as if it is solely material, it removes attention from the primary cause – “the result of conflict between Soul and Mind” – causing illness to become more entrenched. He observed that when our personalities are in harmony with our soul we will experience happiness, peace and health, and when we stray from that path, we will suffer conflict that will compromise wellness.

Dr. Bach described a conceptual framework wherein something as gentle and subtle as flower extracts could reach deep into the human psyche and transform the origins of disease arising from unhealthy thinking, attitudes and beliefs. After reading Dr. Bach’s work while in college and during post-graduate studies, I felt I would have to learn how to make flower essences according to his directions, and hoped to discover the uses of flowers by intuition as he did. I had no idea what a long process it would be.

On several occasions I had prepared flowers according to Bach’s extraction method. Oddly, I’d always felt uncomfortable every time I did. I would take time locating the perfect flowers, and following Dr. Bach’s precedent, set up a small crystal bowl of pure spring water beside them. Then I would attempt to communicate my healing intentions to the flowers. I was unsettled though because I felt I could not create sufficient harmony within myself to override the shock I would be causing the flowers by following the traditional method of essence preparation: cutting them before placing them in the crystal bowl for extraction. I knew the shock would be a part of the subtle spiritual “medicine”, and that seemed untenable.

And yet Dr. Bach wrote about the importance of gentleness and alignment with Universal Coherence:


“There are two great errors: first, to fail to honor the dictates of our Soul, and second, to act against Unity.

If we have in our nature sufficient love of all things, then we can do no harm; because that love would stay our hand at any action, our mind at any thought which might hurt another. (Heal Thyself Chpt. 3)

The real victories of life come through love and gentleness, no force whatever must be used. (Heal Thyself, Chpt. 5)”

Toward the beginning of my practice I purchased a complete commercial set of Dr. Bach’s flower essences to begin evaluating on my patients. By using applied kinesiology muscle testing and other methods, I screened many patients to ascertain their need of Bach’s remedies, and I seldom found them to be indicated.1

I was discouraged because I believed so much in Bach’s work, yet I could not obtain significant results on my patients using his flower essences. I resolved that one day all the necessary factors would align so that flower essences would heal my patients. I didn’t know then that I would have to wait so many years for that “one day” to arrive – but arrive it did.

My dream revelation that spring morning was astonishing in that it showed me vivid details of how to create a device and a process that would produce flower essences while the flowers remained UNCUT and pulsing with life. The energy of the entire flower could be collected as a result of using the apparatus I saw, and that would not be possible any other way. Here was the harmless extraction method that I had hoped might be developed “one day.” Had I triggered the dream by my subconscious holding of that thought? I don’t know.

I could hardly contain my enthusiasm, and yet I spoke to no one about my unusual experience. I knew that somehow I had been given a marvelous gift and had been charged with bringing it into physical reality. I carefully gathered the components necessary to create the apparatus that would produce my first living extract from uncut flowers. It took a couple of weeks before I was ready.

I was filled with anticipation and hope the first time I set out onto my land to give my flower essence extraction process its trial run. I wondered if it would work. But there was another feeling, a greater presence surrounding me that was not my own.

After my grandfather, with whom I was very close, passed away years before, I would occasionally feel his presence watching over me. But I knew this “energy” I felt now was not his, although it was benevolent and fatherly as well. I wondered who or what it was, but I continued to go about my work nevertheless.

I walked slowly along the forest margin as it met open fields. I felt suspended in a timeless state, being prompted to assess the energy of numerous flowers, wondering if somehow I would “know” which one to extract. I finally selected a flower among the profusion of wild flowers and then began an awkward extraction procedure that now, years later, has become efficient and streamlined.

When the extraction vessel was in place, I was ready to harmlessly collect the full spectrum of energy from the UNCUT living flower, its entire surface area covered with pure water. I was able to step back from the apparatus to move my energy out of the field of the flower, leaving it undisturbed and in its normal spatial relationship to the earth. As soon as all was calm, every millimeter of the entire flower surface was being extracted at once.

When I saw that the process was working, I felt both the exuberance and excitement of a child – and the greatest sense of accomplishment I had ever known.

The steady presence that I had felt earlier now became a pronounced voice. I knew without doubt whose it was. “Well done lad, well done!” said the voice of Dr. Edward Bach. “I was hoping you would carry out this special living flower extraction. For this, I have waited a long time.”

I had the awareness that Dr. Bach was communicating to me that this discovery would enable a new level of spiritual healing and that is was deeply needed in this cycle. I felt inspired, imagining that from a higher state of perception his spirit would be helping me find flowers to protect against the tremendous challenges of this era.

Although I felt amazed to experience this level of communication I also felt a deep sense of ease and gratitude. After a twenty-year commitment to Dr. Bach’s principles of flower use without being able to utilize them effectively in my own practice, I was finally able to create a new process that, now after years of use, I see produces tremendous results for my patients and those of colleagues.

From time to time, when I am making a new flower essence by the UNCUT Flower method, I feel the presence of Dr. Edward Bach smiling down on me.

Excerpted from The Floral Hand of God

1 “Old-Timer” colleagues in the International College of Applied Kinesiology told me they observed the same thing I did, and that Dr. Bach’s remedies seemed to have worked better in the 1970’s and before.