The Story of FlorAlive

FlorAlive: The Journey and the Mission

Early Realizations

Early in his healing career before he founded FlorAlive, Dr. Davis had three key realizations that changed the course of his life:

  • That most people have highly resistant subconscious blocks that hold them back from achieving their potential.
  • That many of these blocks are so subtle and deeply established that they cannot be fully penetrated and dispersed by most traditional and holistic interventions.
  • And that his life’s work had to focus on the removal of these negative patterns that block the opening of human potential.

Enter FlorAlive and its mission…

As a young practitioner, Dr. Davis founded Phytotherapy Research Laboratories, Inc. (PRL) to manufacture the highest quality fresh plant herbal extracts possible for health professionals. PRL continues to this day, and its products are used and highly esteemed by leading health professionals internationally.

FlorAlive® is an outgrowth of his herbal research and clinical practice. At the turn of the millennium, Dr. Davis shifted the focus of his research and practice to the discovery, clinical proving, and production of patented UNCUT flower™ essences.

This research took him to some of the last pristine places on Earth, where he encountered rare flowers of great healing capacity and extracted their essence without cutting them. Traditional healers frequently lead him to these remote and sacred environments.



In time, Dr. Davis perfected and patented the process of extracting the healing essence of flowers without cutting them, a fact which retains all of plant’s healing frequencies in an optimally coherent state. Today, FlorAlive is thriving organization which helps people around the world maximize their potential and find joy, ease, and abundance through its unique products. The FlorAlive extended family includes scientists, healing professionals, botanists, herbalists, naturalists, and other individuals who are interested in making our planet a better place.

Thus, the mission of FlorAlive is to…

…offer powerful uncut flower essences as a vital key to:

  • Overcoming sabotaging subconscious beliefs
  • Maximizing potential and bring ease, joy, and healing
  • Creating a profound energetic shift
  • Facilitating entirely new and positive perspectives, and
  • Clearing the way to abundant opportunities for people everywhere

In Dr. Davis’s own words