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Dr. Brent Davis

Since childhood, Dr. Brent Davis found his greatest comfort in the outdoors, exploring Nature and observing the natural "lessons" that it teaches.
When he began university studies at UCLA in 1969 he pursued the double major of pre-medical sciences and anthropology/ethnology. He often studied in UCLA’s biomedical and research libraries, and in retrospect realized how fortunate it was that the online world had not been established at that time. As a result, it was possible to walk through collections of books, to scan quickly hands-on through potentially valuable works, and to be drawn by fate to encounter sources of information that were previously unknown to him.
On the 9th stack level in the biomedical library, he found a treasure trove of information in the rare books section on the history of medicine. It provided insights into the world view and the legacy of healers from ancient times, up until the art of healing was lost in the early 1900’s, when the Big Pharma cartel model was born and co-opted the underpinnings of whole-person medicine.
At the other end of the campus, in the research library, he often lost himself in the wonderful reporting of ethnologists that contributed to the Papers of the Peabody Museum published by Harvard University (starting in 1888). Therein, academically trained information gatherers published their findings. That information consisted, in part, of interviews with surviving American Indian Native elders who could recall what would otherwise be lost knowledge about ties to the invisible spirit world that is fundamentally a part of true healing.
Dr. Davis studied and collected information on traditions in healing from all corners of the world. He was captivated by: descriptions of aboriginal healing practices that were physically minimalistic but “energetically” rich; by the elaborate physical science of ayurvedic, Arabic, and Egyptian ancient medicine; and by the brilliant but mysterious teachings of alchemists such as Paracelsus and the remarkable British physician and inventor, Robert Fludd. Davis recounts the wonder he felt when the head librarian in the rare books section at UCLA allowed him to carefully page through an original edition of what was likely Fludd’s most valuable treatise (published in the early 1600’s), Minor & Major Cosmic Metaphysics (Utriusque Cosmi Majoris scilicet et minoris metaphysica.) Now, looking back, it seems clear that beyond the obvious religious themes depicted in the book’s famous plates and woodcut engravings, (As Above So Below), lie hidden keys that shed light on functions of the fifth and higher dimensions known to exist in modern quantum biology and physics.
What a curious fate that at age 14 Dr. Davis came under the care of Sigfrid Knauer, MD, the last living medical physician that was taught directly by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Steiner was a singularly enlightened natural scientist, Christian mystic, and philosopher that created the basis for anthroposophical medicine, biodynamic agriculture, and Waldorf schools. Steiner taught that a healthy society cannot exist without spiritually enlightened medicine, ecologically sound organic agriculture, and freedom of thought and expression (stemming from understanding the natural world) for the meaningful education of children.
From 1974 to1978, during the time that Dr. Davis was studying a core curriculum in medical sciences and chiropractic therapeutics, he added to that study a rich background in classical naturopathic and homeopathic medicine. From 1978-1980 he studied under the tutelage of the accomplished Indian homeopath, K.O. George. Dr. George had a special interest and training in homeopathic pharmacy and the preparation of fresh plant herbal extracts (so-called “mother tinctures”). Little did Davis know that within 3 years he would begin a whole additional life track that would rely heavily on the training he received from Dr. George.
When Dr. Davis was ready to begin practice in 1978 he faced a daunting dilemma – who would be his mentor? Who had a sufficient breadth of knowledge and practical experience to maturely integrate into a unified system all the holistic health-related information he had encountered? There was no one person. And so began Dr. Davis’ lifelong search to master practical means in holistic medicine and therapeutics to achieve the greatest amount of healing in the shortest possible time.
From the first day Dr. Davis opened his practice in Pasadena, California, (with another novice and eclectically oriented chiropractic physician), he had his hands full learning how to incorporate nutrients and herbs into holistic practice. He had just finished his first 100 hour training course in Applied Kinesiology taught by Doctors Terry and Katherine Hovey. That gave Dr. Davis the ability to measure through neuromuscular testing and evaluation IF a particular therapeutic substance (nutrient or herb) would or would not remove an unhealthy body reflex. Davis believes it is a profoundly important necessity to measure that phenomenon because it allows one to determine before recommending a product if the product is likely to work. (Dr. Davis named this test procedure: pre-administration screening – PAS.)
For the first three years of his practice Dr. Davis obtained the highest quality botanical extracts for evaluation. He found by PAS that fresh plant herbal extracts made in Europe were substantially superior in general to encapsulated herbs produced in the U.S. PAS is what gave Dr. Davis the courage to start his own herbal company in 1981. With that technique he had the confidence that he could always formulate superior products. His herbal company specializes in fresh plant herbal extraction and other methods of processing herbs to maximize their biological activity and effectiveness. Always focusing on supplying herbal products to advanced level holistic practitioners, his company is still active today.
In his book, The Floral Hand of God: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed (published in 2014), Dr. Davis explained the remarkable serendipity that allowed him to discover and patent a whole new way of making flower essences WITHOUT cutting the flowers, the FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower essence process. It results in a frequency based preparation much stronger than normal flower essences, with a remarkable ability to shift the higher dimensions of our being that were widely acknowledged in the ancient healing traditions mentioned above, but which have sadly been overlooked in the modern era. The FlorAlive® brand, started in 2001, is steadily growing each year (
Possibly the last chapter for Dr. Davis’ innovative product creations began in 2017 with the co-founding of HeavenSent Enterprises. It manages the production of HeavenSentHemp (HSH) CBD-rich whole plant extracts that contain 600 mg of phytocannabinoids per ounce. HSH extracts utilize a process for isolating the healing agents in whole plant hemp in a manner that differs from industrial supercritical CO2 and alcoholic extraction techniques that dominate the CBD marketplace. HSH employs an extraction process utilizing extra virgin certified organic olive oil that is never manipulated with cold processing (that is the norm in industrial extraction).
The reason for departing from routine high volume extract processing is the experimental evidence that HSH products conserve bio-resonant frequency emissions that are destroyed by industrial methods. Dr. Davis is presenting to health professionals (and the lay public as well) the quantum science that explains why optimizing frequency emission from HSH products may be the critical key that explains their superior performance. The homeostatic signaling network (that turns "on" and "off" cell receptors) appears to be inextricably linked to the microtubular network that, from the view of quantum biology, carries information at near light speeds to stimulate cell signaling and repair throughout the whole body. Dr. Davis’ Hemp Challenge Test for hemp/CBD products is designed to show which brands of hemp extracts best demonstrate their value by measuring the degree to which they stimulate better muscle function.
HSH products are an important addition to Dr. Davis’ retro-aging program that is part of his three day health intensives in Lobelville, Tennessee.