Affiliate program

Our Simple and powerful Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program offers you the ability to help others in the noble pursuit of personal and spiritual transformation and empowerment, and to be compensated while so doing.

We are seeing that FlorAlive’s unique self-help, emotional healing, and activation tools for humanity are embraced and fundamentally appreciated by those who cherish freedom, liberty, and personal sovereignty.

FlorAlive®UNCUT Flower™ Essences offer special support and blessings for individuals committed to live free and to prosper in the new parallel society that is forming.

There are two basic paths for participating in FlorAlive’s affiliate program. Both require active participation.

Option 1

Participation as a more informal connection with friends and membership organizations that you can reach by email and social media posts. They include an 11% discount code for your target audience and pay you a 30% commission on sales.

Option 2

For established social media personalities (with active channels on YouTube and other video alternatives, active blogs, Telegram etc.) links to us will be provided for your channels as well as website banners and more. Compensation is the same as Option 1 above.

You must be prepared to meet minimum commission activity to maintain your account. All applicants will be evaluated by individual review before acceptance into our affiliate program.

We would love for you to help us spread the word on the marvel of FlorAlive®.

We're excited to have you come onboard.

The FlorAlive® Team