How To Take Flower Essences


It is “information and memory” that are transferred from the surface of a living flower to the water surrounding it in the uncut flower extraction process.1

Then that water is highly diluted, to be taken in drops, so that the “information” (benevolent energy somehow coded into the flower) can more easily influence our stored unconscious memory in R-space (reciprocal space.) R-space is the magneto- electric realm in the space outside our body that influences our subtle, non-material bodies AND our emotions. (Refer to the bottom of pages 177 & 178.)

Therefore: uncut flower essences contain NO material substance and are absolutely harmless to our physical body – that area that is the focus of pharmacology and that, in the mainstream, defines the domain where there can be so-called “adverse reactions.” Physically, flower essences cannot cause adverse reactions. That does NOT mean that they have no effect.

Their effect comes from a phenomenon that is known in homeopathy which is the stimulation of our non-material “vital essence,” and that is linked to how we feel. The way we take flower essences can influence the way we feel, and the following schematic is created to illustrate that.

The 9.1 schematic is meant to depict how drops of flower essence will exert an influence upon us over time with repeated dosing. In the upper part of the schematic we see that At1 (let us say that is a dose of 3 drops in a swallow of 4 ounces of water), when repeated at a little bit later time interval (At2), will additively become a larger wave form of energy in the next time interval, Bt3. How big the wave grows (its amplitude) will influence how strongly it impacts our being.


Looking at the lower part of the schematic we see that the example dose of 3 drops shows a power level depicted by the height of the small line next to At1. At a second time interval At2 (let us say 30 minutes later) another 3 drop dose is taken. The effect of At1 + At2 adds up to an increased wave-form amplitude at the next interval of time, Bt3. Bt3 as an energy wave has grown in size and power over the original At1. Let us say that 30 minutes later another 3 drop dose At4 is taken. That will add up to the energy amplitude of Ct5, and so on. When we arrive at Dt7 we have a much larger force of influence on our body than the single dose of At1 that was taken some time before. The effects of energy-based dosing are additive.

The important point is this: it is not so much how many drops of the flower essence you take AT ONE TIME that determines its power level and influence. Rather, it is how often you repeat the doses.

The newer advanced flower essence combinations I have described in Part 3, (Pure Potential, End2Panic™, Crowning Glory, Freedom Flowers Blend) are very potent, and seem to act differently than Healing Support which can be taken more times per day. The four combinations above should NOT be taken as often therefore. Very commonly the combinations: Healing Support, For Love, and ReviveAll™, and the single flower essences listed made into custom formulations, can be sipped 30 times throughout an entire day. That builds a very large additive wave form, yet quite often can be well tolerated. There is a huge variability in the emotional structure and resilience of humans, and you MUST use common sense in determining what is right for you.

You must decide: how much do you want to change – how quickly – and what can you reasonably tolerate in terms of receiving strong stimulus for transformation. How “sensitive” are you?

The vast majority of LOHAS (Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability) folks do very well with uncut flower essences and naturally understand how to employ them.

Individuals in that category over the years have reported to me that they have had fun experimenting with how much shifting they can take! Many people want to achieve the fastest shifting in the least amount of time, while at the same time avoiding the discomfort of too much shifting too rapidly.

The combination essence, ReviveAll™, (and single essences made into combinations blended into one bottle) can be prepared by placing 1 drop of essence per ounce of drinking water (16 or 24 ounce bottle), and they can be sipped up to 30 times per day (for maximal speed of transformation.) That produces a powerful movement toward shifting our undesirable unconscious mind obstacles. You sip the amount of times per day that you can comfortably tolerate. To begin conservatively, try 5 drops in ¼ glass water consumed 3 times per day.

Hypersensitive individuals may tolerate less than three sips per day (with one or two drops placed in the water they are drinking.) In cases that are “dimensionally unstable”, no drops taken internally can be tolerated. In those cases sometime fine results are achieved by rubbing the diluted essences externally on the skin OR by spraying the essences around the body. (In chapter 24 I have presented what would appear to be the first-ever scientific documentation that demonstrates a rationale for this type of application.)

The following special circumstances require particular attention.

If you are feeling emotionally unstable and/or vulnerable, I do not suggest taking any flower essences unless you have someone to monitor you closely and check in as to how you are doing. Under those conditions try a few doses (3 drops in a 4 ounce swallow of water spaced 3 times throughout your waking hours) to see how you tolerate it. If you feel either extremely elated or the opposite, “bummed out,” you may be taking too much or may be taking a flower essence that is not matched to you vibrationally. In either event, stop and re-evaluate.

If you have been prescribed anti-depressants or other mind altering drugs do not take any flower essences unless you have the assistance of a licensed holistic health professional to closely monitor you.


Conventional cut flower essences have minute amounts of sap from the cut stem of the flower that leaches into the water, so they have some dissolved chemical substance in them.



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