Q: What are the most useful FlorAlive® products? 

A : In general, the 5 pre-formulated Combination Essences (Revive All™ and Abundant Life Combinations 1 - 4) and Custom Blends created by individuals for themselves have the greatest ability to facilitate positive life transformation.

Q: What are the most valuable FlorAlive® Single Essences? 

A : The Single Essences that comprise the Combination Essences are clinically found to be useful on a high percentage of all individuals.

Notable stand-alone single essences are:
Heartmend™ - Astonishingly effective in removing energetic "holes" in the heart that occur and weaken us after we experience loss of somebody (person or pet) we love through death or the ending of a relationship. Very often this "hole" or energy loss is not consciously recognized if it occurred in the more distant past. For acute sense of loss (just after it occurs) many people have reported striking evidence that Heartmend™ rapidly removes their despair and sadness.

Star Spirit Flower - Breaks the tendency to procrastinate and lethargy as well. A great energizer.

Maroon Bethroot - Has the amazing property of helping to remove many women's subconscious patterning that draws troubled or unavailable men and difficult relationships into their life. Women can then activate the positive Law of Attraction for better quality relationships. Sometimes males are helped by this flower if they wish to stop being a "troubled man".

Talla - Helps break the pattern of "workaholic".

Herb of the Cross - Helps people break the need to control.

Q: Why is it so important to sip FlorAlive® essences in drinking water at least 30 times throughout the day? 

A : FlorAlive® essences were developed by Dr. Davis for the specific purpose of helping his patients break negative subconscious patterning that had not cleared with many other therapies and interventions - in other words, very resistant and stubborn tendencies. He found that by repeated exposure (sipping of drinking water containing the FlorAlive® essences), the amplitude of the flower frequencies superimposes and becomes a much more powerful transformational force. This is a well known principle in classical homeopathy.

You can imagine every sip as a tap with a strong mallet. With continuous tapping, even stubborn patterns can be broken.

Q: How do FlorAlive® essences differ from those created by hundred of flower essence companies worldwide? 

A : FlorAlive® is unique and (r)evolutionary because it is created out of a conceptual framework and in a modern clinical setting where the potential of a flower to transform consciousness can be tested in real time. This is done by utilizing the applied kinesiology procedure of self-referential statement evaluation as well as other techniques which are part of the new field of "energy psychology". These developments did not exist in Dr. Bach's time, and have just recently been adapted by Dr. Davis to use in the development of FlorAlive® flower essences. As an example, patients are tested clinically by these procedures for the presence of limiting beliefs or memories (which negatively affect performance and health.) After placing test drops of the selected FlorAlive® essence in the patient's mouth, immediate re-evaluation reveals whether or not the essence cleared the undesirable condition. (All the FlorAlive® essences have been proven by this method and this distinguishes them from other flower essence companies worldwide.) Re-evaluation weeks or months later often shows that the transformation has lasted.

Three other distinguishing features of
FlorAlive® essences are:

1. They are prepared from UNCUT flowers and hence contain all the plant's healing frequencies in an optimally coherent state.
2. The powerful flowers we use come from highly energized regions around the world, often located in vortices where huge amounts of transformational "information" enters and is absorbed by the flowers.
3. Our proprietary essence selector guides your choice of flowers so that you can transform limitations in the subconscious mind which are normally unidentifiable.