The Goal of Contentment

First published in 2005

by Dr. Brent W. Davis
• FlorAlive® Founder   •  Inventor of the UNCUT Flower™ Extraction Process

Contentment is the knowledge, throughout the many dimensions of our being and regardless of external circumstances, that all is well.

We lose contentment due to:

1. Lack of present moment awareness, primarily as a result of stored memories of trauma.  Due to the content of our subconscious mind, we unconsciously re-live, in the present-time, reaction to events from the past, and have anxiety about events that have not occurred.  When we are affected in this way, we broadcast a distortion field of upset, anger, fear, mistrust, and unhappiness that repels the positive opportunities normally awaiting us. At a higher level of awareness, we know that in this way we are repelling opportunities, and are disturbed by that recognition.

2. Misinterpreting the distortion fields of other people and places as our own.  For example, the massive broadcasting of bad news and a climate of fear can be internalized as our own if we are not attentive.

3. Aligning with ancient, primitive characteristics of warring tribalism (built on a model of scarcity and the defense of “mine”) rather than aligning with the evolved modern possibilities of cooperative alliances that multiply the opportunities for sustaining outcomes.

The FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ frequencies have uplifting “bandwidths” which act as cancelling frequencies to the “bandwidths” of the following disruptive “attractor fields”. (An attractor field is a frequency generated by the summation of our being at any moment, and draws experience to us based on the harmonics or distortion fields we are emitting. For example, if we are resonating with fear, we have a good chance of drawing experience to us that will evoke fear.)

Defeating Attractor Field FlorAlive® Cancelling Flower Frequencies (Click on the flower name to see how it acts.)
Futility and hopelessness(core disempowerment) Maquilina
Emotional & physical abuse and trauma Blue Eyed Grass
Loneliness (feeling separated from Source.) Wild Iris
Failure to receive (love, energy, money) Blood Root, *Flor de la Luna
Scarcity Yellow Root
Rage, anger, frustration (stemming from hurt) False Dandelion
Non-forgiveness *Claytonia, Dogwood
Shame, humiliation, worthlessness False Dandelion, Chagapa
Uneasy vulnerability Green Jade Flower

In a stepwise fashion, each time we eliminate or diminish one of the defeating attractor fields above, we rise up on the scale of contentment. The Abundant Life Program™ was created to clear the defeating attractor fields above (and many more) over the course of three to four months.

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