Why FlorAlive is Different

FlorAlive Flower Remedies: 5 Reasons Why They Are Different

Using the FlorAlive flower remedies can remove or “overwrite” painful memories and limiting beliefs that reside not only in the subconscious mind of every human being, but also in the collective unconscious that we unwittingly accept as our own.

Here’s how Floralive remedies are different from those created by other flower-essence organizations:

  • Optimal coherent state: They are prepared from UNCUT flowers and hence contain all the plant’s healing frequencies in an optimally coherent state. Other flower essences are prepared from cut flowers.As remarkable as it seems, the color, geometry, vitality, and growth location of each distinct flower combine to form “frequencies.” Under the right circumstances, these frequencies can “overwrite” and remove limiting thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs imbedded in our subconscious/unconscious mind. The sabotaging beliefs are often related to past occurrence of emotional or physical abuse or trauma.”The right circumstances” manifest much more readily when the total information of the flower is preserved and transmitted in a coherent state by the unique means of the patented UNCUT flower™ process developed by FlorAlive® inventor and holistic practitioner, Dr. Brent W. Davis.Our Creator placed flowers on Earth for more than just beauty. Flowers have the great healing possibility of displacing negative subconscious memories and beliefs most people harbor, and can fill voids in us where we have emotional chasms.
  • Highly energized regions: The powerful flowers we use come from highly energized regions around the world, often located in vortices where huge amounts of transformational “information” enters and is absorbed by the flowers.
  •  Clinical setting: The FlorAlive® flower remedies are created out of a conceptual framework and in a modern clinical setting where the potential of a flower to transform consciousness can be tested in real time. This is done by utilizing the applied kinesiology procedure of self-referential statement evaluation as well as other techniques which are part of the new field of “energy psychology.”These developments did not exist in Dr. Bach’s time, and have just recently been adapted by Dr. Davis to use in the development of FlorAlive® flower essences.As an example, patients are tested clinically by these procedures for the presence of limiting beliefs or memories (which negatively affect performance and health.) After placing test drops of the selected FlorAlive® essence in the patient’s mouth, immediate re-evaluation reveals whether or not the essence cleared the undesirable condition.All the FlorAlive® essences have been proven by this method. Re-evaluation weeks or months later often shows that the transformation has lasted.In other words, it has become possible to MEASURE if a specific negative belief is initially present and whether it leaves a person’s subconscious mind after exposure to newly discovered FlorAlive® flower frequencies.To validate the action of a particular flower, Dr. Davis utilized a clinical procedure called “semantic screening of self-referential statements.” This procedure has documented value in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. (Monti et al., MUSCLE TEST COMPARISONS OF CONGRUENT AND INCONGRUENT SELF-REFERENTIAL STATEMENTS, Perceptual and Motor Skills (1999) 88, 1019 – 1028).
  • Patented process: Dr. Davis’s method is patented worldwide, and therefore, only FlorAlive flower remedies can be created using uncut flowers.
  • Proprietary selector: Our proprietary essence selector guides your choice of flowers so that you can transform limitations in the subconscious mind which are normally unidentifiable.