Since FlorAlive® began in 2001 it has bestowed deep life transformation on many thousands of consumers. A particular background and special circumstances were required to enable expression of our magnificent "floral dispensations."

The FlorAlive® Mission is:

To support and activate
emotional/spiritual healing & empowerment
in receptive individuals and communities;

To strengthen those
who cherish freedom, liberty,
and personal sovereignty;

To uplift individuals intending to live free
and to prosper in the new parallel society
that is forming.

In the later 1980’s Dr. Davis was an active participant in the professional organization where “energy psychology” was born. That discipline enables trained practitioners to discover and measure limiting beliefs and memories hidden in the unconscious mind. Dr. Davis was able to apply that knowledge years later to discover the astonishing capacity of FlorAlive® essences to provide its consumers with a unique, rapid, and nearly effortless method to clear subconscious mind barriers.

In addition to being a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Davis has: advanced post-graduate training inclassical homeopathy and applied kinesiology; knowledge of the principles and practice of naturopathy; and solid core training in numerous other natural diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Dr. Davis is the author of Healing Herb Rapid Reference and The Floral Hand of God: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed.(The latter book is available from:

From his travels to the remote mountains and jungles of Peru, to the plains of W. Australia, to the San Juan mountains of Colorado, Dr. Davis is inspired to locate rare flowers worldwide that can act as divine gifts to bring greater ease and joy to life, and assist in humanity’s awakening. That is requisite for right livelihood in parallel societies.

When Dr. Davis is not treating patients or traveling on “floral adventures,” he lives with his family on his organic herb farm that is the home of about 20 FlorAlive® wild flowers (75 miles outside Nashville.) As it becomes evident that a new parallel society must be formed, Davis intends that his 160 acres of forest/farm will become a vibrant assembly of 6-9 families interested in self-sufficiency, homesteading, and joyful community. If that could be you, please contact us with your background information!