Which Flower Essences Do You Need?

First published in 2005

by Dr. Brent W. Davis
• FlorAlive® Founder   •  Inventor of the UNCUT Flower™ Extraction Process

The development of the FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ essences has occurred in a remarkable way that repeatedly suggests a Higher Source is directing the manner and the order in which the flowers are discovered and are brought forth as remedies.  It is interesting to note the order in which the remedies were discovered.

I was guided to a pristine, moist hollow on my herb farm to prepare the first FlorAlive™ essence, made from Giant Chickweed.  The flower looks like a pretty little star, and has a great energy and spirit to it.  So I named the remedy Star Spirit Flower.  When this first essence was ready to decant from the extraction vessel, the bulb broke on the pipette used for gathering the essence. I had to use mouth suction on the pipette to draw up the flower essence. At the end of the procedure I mistakenly drew up quite a bit of the essence into my mouth, and had to discard that pipette full.  Later that evening I began what I can only describe as a 3 day frenzy of cleaning, organizing, and paperwork that had been overlooked for months.  When all the work was done I sat back in sort of a daze to ponder what on earth could have caused me to have so much energy and to overcome procrastination.  I remembered the mouthful of Star Spirit Flower and wondered if it could possibly be the source of the fury for organizing. I began reflex checking of the remedy on patients in my practice the next week, and soon found that it had a major indication for overcoming procrastination.

When we want to recover our health we have to tackle making changes that might be uncomfortable or that we might tend to put off.  Perhaps a very good place to start the process of healing is with Star Spirit Flower if we have any tendencies toward procrastination or disorganization.

The next remedy that was discovered was Blue Eyed Grass.  I had worked with this herb for many years, using it according to the indications of the Indian tribes of the Great Lakes region.  They applied it as a general tonic and blood cleanser.  I always loved the small plant with an Iris-like flower. Once I prepared it, I began checking it routinely on my patients and found that those who suffered emotional or physical abuse were very much aided by this flower.  Abuse syndrome is enormously prevalent, and a high percentage of the general population benefits from clearing that from their life, and removing stored memories of it from their subconscious mind (which this essence helps.)

One day, I was walking on my farm (now the FlorAlive Sanctuary and Practitioner Certification Center) and right across from the greenhouse something called out to me asking for my attention.  I stopped in my tracks to sense where the pulling was coming from, and to my left I noticed beautiful fuchsia-colored flowers.  I drew close and began to admire a particular one of the flowers and suddenly, in the center of the small flower, appeared the face of a woman who was a close friend.  She had been quite disabled by the loss of a relationship with her true love that had ended.  It seemed that the flower had sensed through me her need, and was letting me know it could help her.  I prepared the remedy and the next week found that it had a strong affinity for my friend.  Whenever strong senses of grief and loss would arise, she found that taking the flower essence which I now call Heartmend quickly relieved the pain.  She attributes a great deal of the mending of her heart to this beautiful flower that God touched with such a special ability.  The flower, by now, has helped several thousand people suffering from diverse conditions arising from loss of love.

The stories become more intriguing around each new flower essence that I am being guided to discover. They are involving many serendipitous events including dreams and visions directing me to remote areas that I would otherwise never encounter. They are stories told in a forthcoming book I am writing.

Maquilina, one of the most powerful and benevolent of all flowers (a main ingredient of ReviveAll™), lives at 15,000 feet beside a glacier in a remote Andean mountain valley. It is beneficial for virtually everyone because a link to Divine Intelligence dwells powerfully in this flower. It removes a sense of defeat and hopelessness.

The remaining order of discovery in the early essences is:
Wild Iris
Tulip Poplar
May Apple
Pink Lady Slipper
White Ginger
Madame Fate

On the home page of FlorAlive.com, under the heading of Single Essences, there is a concise description of the properties of each of the FlorAlive™ flower essences.  The combination essence, Revive All™, has enormously broad applications and benefits most people. It is the first step in the Abundant Life Program, which in just 4 months can produce a huge evolution of consciousness.

For a more precise determination of specific flower essence need, I am available for phone consultation by advance appointment when my schedule permits. To find out more about this option, on homepage click: Consultation(Custom blend.) 

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