FlorAliveRRepair/Recovery Model


The subconscious holding of memories of emotional trauma and/or abuse causes and maintains our deepest stresses. It is responsible for maladaptations in our personality. The proper uncut flower frequencies can "overwrite" stored memories of trauma, fundamentally helping to restore balance.

Many individuals suffer from emotional or physical trauma or abuse

  • Recurring violation of one's personal space
  • Recurring core invalidation
  • Leads To:

  • "CHECKING OUT"of One's body
  • and eventually what acts like post-traumatic stress syndrome.

    Affected individuals close down, for the world is perceived as unsafe. As a result, the afflicted enter into:

  • JUDGEMENT to determine what is safe and what is not, and
  • CONTROLto manage all of life so that it stays safe.
  • Those affected lose the ability to receive

    - LOVE



    and, of course, recovery and real healing.

    FlorAlive® Essences REMOVE Stored Memories of Trauma, Promoting Greater Ease, Joy & Prosperity.