The L.A. 100 Phenomenon

First published in 2007

by Dr. Brent W. Davis
• FlorAlive® Founder  •  Inventor of the UNCUT Flower™ Extraction Process

In October of 2007, I issued an invitation to a Los Angeles radio audience of highly informed holistic devotees.  I asked for 100 people with special characteristics to show up at an event I envisioned taking place the evening of November 28, 2007.  I asked for people to participate in my research study who had spent the majority of their adult life in the pursuit of the evolution of consciousness and holistic healing.  When that evening in November came, 170 people from the greater Los Angeles area showed up at an auditorium in the Culver City Senior Citizens Center.  What an extraordinary experience it turned out to be!

Before explaining the method that I and the doctor assisting me would be using for screening participants to find the extent of their limiting subconscious beliefs, I qualified the audience in the following way.  I asked for a showing of raised hands in response to three questions:

Question 1:
Who among you has read books by at least one of the following authors?

1. Deepak Chopra
2. Wayne Dyer
3. Carolyn Myss
4. Don Miguel Ruiz
5. Eckhart Tolle

Question 2:
Who among you has participated in at least one of the following:

1. attended holistic health conferences and conventions?
2. taken weekend workshops to improve consciousness and health?
3. seen the movie, The Secret, one or more times?

Question 3:
Who among you has participated in at least one of the following:

1. been treated with body/mind therapies to clear and balance your inner being?
2. received holistic psychotherapy and counseling?
3. regularly practiced meditation?

Virtually everyone in the audience raised their hand after each question. I then commented, “Good! I know I have the right group of people for this experiment. To the extent that the inspiring wisdom and the state-of-the-art practices that you have embraced produce measurable transformation, then we should not find many core limiting beliefs in your SUBconscious minds.”;  Continuing I said, “unfortunately over the last several years that I have been doing careful screening of subconscious mind beliefs, that is not what I have found, nor has Dr. Garcia who is assisting me found that either.  What has astonished us is to find that the wonderful practices people are doing, and the events they attend, generally uplift only the conscious mind.  They help us to make conscious choices toward a healthier life. For the most part, however, they do not change the deeply embedded negative subconscious beliefs that largely cause the problems and limitations in our life.

What we will be testing tonight in all the participants we screen is the prevalence of six limiting beliefs, noting how often they occur.  Then we will test whether the UNCUT flower™ quantum frequencies found in the FlorAlive® combination essence, ReviveAll™ (and two other single essences, Flor de la Luna and Madame Fate), remove the limiting beliefs by overwriting them with higher and clearer frequencies. We will measure this using applied kinesiology evaluation with semantic screening of self-referential statements.”;

Following are the limiting subconscious beliefs for which we screened:

1. Regardless of my efforts, I cannot influence the outcome.
2. I am disconnected from the source of ALL life.
3. I am free from the effects of emotional abuse.
4. I am free from the influence of negative thoughts and beings.
5. I allow myself to receive.
6. I allow myself to receive love.

As an example, if a person has a strong arm indicator muscle, and upon evaluation, they make the statement “I allow myself to receive love”; and they weaken upon making that statement, it means that at the SUBconscious level, the person is not allowing themselves to receive love. (There are video clips on the site showing this.)

That evening, when we screened 100 participants, the implications of what we found are staggering.

Among this very select group of people, individuals who had spent significant resources and a lot of time for the purpose of clearing themselves, we nevertheless found:

• 33% believed at the subconscious level “Regardless of my efforts I cannot influence the outcome.”;
• 27% believed at the subconscious level “I am disconnected from the source of ALL life.”;
• 33% were NOT “free from the effects of emotional abuse.”;
• 36% were NOT “free from the influence of negative thoughts and beings.”;
• 33% did NOT allow themselves “to receive.”;
• 34% did NOT allow themselves “to receive love.”;

The FlorAlive® UNCUT flower™ essences, ReviveAll®, and the two others, overwrote and removed the frequencies of those limitations in the vast majority of those we tested.  Often, consuming the indicated FlorAlive® essences for about 3 weeks causes a permanent shift. Based on individual needs, most people consume different essences over a period of months as they rapidly shift and remove different limiting beliefs. For further information, please visit what many have described as the most beautiful web site of its kind,

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