Accelerating Manifestation by Clearing the Negative Subconscious

First published in 2008

by Dr. Brent W. Davis
• FlorAlive® Founder   •  Inventor of the UNCUT Flower™ Extraction Process

Imagine you have spent twenty years of your life undertaking every form of self-development and “clearing” available. You have been focused on creating an ability to manifest and to attract what you desire in life.

Then you attend an event where you are tested at the subconscious mind level to find out how “clear” you actually are.  (You are aware that the subconscious mind really directs what shows up in your life, yes?) There you discover that after all of the effort, expense, and time you have invested, you nevertheless are harboring the incredibly self-defeating SUBconscious belief, “Regardless of my efforts, I cannot influence the outcome.”

Thirty three out of 100 holistic health and transformational thought advocates tested along with you are also shocked to find that they harbor the very same sabotaging subconscious belief. No wonder life hasn’t progressed with all the joy and ease that is possible!

Then the good news. An astonishing new invention is demonstrated. Specially selected frequencies from living, UNCUT flowers, dropped into water, then sipped throughout the day, possess the ability to “overwrite” and instantly remove limiting subconscious beliefs.

One minute the longstanding “blocking” frequency is expressing itself continuously in your subconscious mind. The next moment, after the quantum flower frequencies are dropped into your mouth, they instantly install transformational information to your vast field of being, and the blocking belief is removed, opening a pathway of possibility that has previously been closed to you.

The inventor explains that, in a high percentage of individuals, sipping the drops in drinking water many times a day over a three week period provides enough potent shifting information to remove longstanding defeating beliefs that have not been removed by previous efforts.  Limiting habitual patterns are replaced by the blessing of highly coherent Source frequencies transferred from specially selected UNCUT flowers.

Incredible, isn”t it? How can unproductive thought characteristics and subconscious beliefs that have persisted for so long change so easily? Actually, they can, with a touch of the Divine, which the flowers are here to provide.

The scenario described above did, in fact, take place in November of 2007 in the course of an experiment conducted by Dr. Brent Davis in Los Angeles (“The L.A. 100 Phenomenon”). At that event, the transformational flower frequencies (patented in 2001) were tested one evening on 100 people with a particular history. All participants were long-time activists in the personal growth/self-transformation movement. Amazingly, in addition to the belief of futility already mentioned, roughly 33% of participants believed SUBconsciously that:

• “I am disconnected from the source of ALL life”
• “I am experiencing the effects of emotional abuse”
• “I am being influenced by negative thoughts and beings”
• “I will not allow myself to receive”
• “I will not allow myself to receive love”

Source frequencies in a six-flower combination called ReviveAll™ combined with two other flower frequencies generally remove the disabling beliefs listed above in a few weeks, and sometimes sooner!
Many consumer videos attest to this evolution.

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