The Floral Hand of God Book

The Floral Hand of God book explains the discovery and use of NEXT GENERATION FLOWER ESSENCES. It describes their uniquely powerful and transformational action...

Get the Floral Hand of God to discover a startling, new way to: 

  • Beat anxiety and stress with a new way to remove your instinctual fight-flight reactions.
  • Turn confidence into certainty, THE key to your future success.
  • Overcome hidden energy blocks that are holding back your spiritual progress.
  • Attract a new romantic relationship or fan the flames of your existing one.
  • Align your intentions and unleash your inner power so you can fulfill your goals and do your life’s work with ease and grace.
  • Clear sabotaging memories of emotional trauma and abuse at a core level from the quantum vacuum (Akasha). so you can accomplish lasting change in your life.
  • Mend the invisible hole in your heart that comes with the loss of a relationship, a loved one, or a pet.

There is no reason to wait. Get the Floral Hand of God now and take the first step to a personal breakthrough.

“All obstacles in life essentially stem from the loss of our native, deep-feeling state and the resulting inability to creatively know as real what is channeled to us directly from the mind of God. That is what confers upon us the greatest wisdom, as well as a vast power of positive manifestation.”
~ Quote from The Floral Hand of God


The Floral Hand of God is a trilogy in one book:

Part 1 describes peak experiences in Dr. Brent Davis’ continuing search in the realm of flowers for “the Beloved”… that power of attraction that enables us to more easily fulfill our fondest dreams and wishes – to draw to our self the experience of greater love, understanding, and appreciation in our life.

Part 2 presents landmark scientific discoveries relating to the mode of action of flower essences prepared in a powerful new way. It penetrates the mysteries of the spiritual mind, examining leading edge theories in quantum biology and physics to explain how specially selected flower frequencies may install into our brain/being spiritual impulses from the “Heavens” to improve our life… at a rate faster than the speed of light.

Part 3 concludes with a self-help rapid reference. It describes the manner in which selected flower frequencies can infuse us with codes of light that allow us to receive more love (and hence more energy), and transmute what has held us back in life. It describes a new method to remove core causes of stress at the deepest level – the level of the subconscious mind silently replaying negative messages that wear us down.

It will teach you how to accelerate personal transformation by applying the life-force of Dr. Davis’ newly discovered UNCUT flower essences… the powerful next generation of frequency healing. You will learn how to “overwrite” and eliminate your particular brand of negative self-talk that all humans carry in the unconscious mind, and how to replace it with healing and uplifting “Source information” found in rare flowers from around the world.

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