Phone Consult with Dr. Davis


A Message from Dr. Davis:

Have you ever just wanted someone to help you easily `dissolve` the problem areas in your life – to bring out the perfect you?

Would you love to have a special creation, safe and pure, made up just for you to help solve your needs?

A blend designed with only you in mind?

Welcome. You have found the right place.

For several years I have been doing private phone consultation and administering individually formulated FlorAlive® UNCUT FlowerTM frequencies for patients at a distance. This transformational energy seems to `overwrite` and remove the areas in our multidimensional being where we have stored memories of trauma, upset, failure and many limiting and defeating beliefs. (We often refer to these areas as the subconscious mind.)

Sometimes huge changes are observed within a few days. Sometimes two or three FlorAlive® mixtures are needed over 3-4 months for major changes to be observed.

There is a profile of patients who respond well to the FlorAlive® blends I create during phone consultation:

  • They have a strong sense of the spiritual nature of our existence.
  • They are open to and have tried holistic therapies and natural healing.
  • They are willing to take responsibility as co-creators in their life.
  • They truly desire to shift their life, and often feel a spiritual urgency.

Being drawn to this page is, in itself, an indication that you may be ready for the shifts that can occur with a custom blend of FlorAlive`s flowers. If you are experiencing financial lack, and have to weigh the small additional cost of private consultation, then perhaps starting with ReviveAllTM (or the entire Abundant Life Program) may be the best initial move. If you notice positive change from that, then the next step would sensibly be phone consultation.

In my private practice, I make use of dozens of powerful new flower frequencies that are reserved and not yet available at

If you are comfortable with investing in you, then the fastest way to propel yourself into change and evolution of consciousness starts by calling my office: 615.780.5927

I have only a certain number of spaces open for phone consultation, and you must schedule in advance.

With the blessing of flowers,

Brent Davis, D.C.
FlorAlive® Founder