First published in 2023

Rev. Dr. Brent Davis

May 7, 2023

Ever since I began holistic health practice in 1978 I have been aware of the importance of the emotional and unconscious mind relationship to overall wellness. I have refined my practice over the years as new discoveries are made, and the rekindling of old knowledge comes to light.

In the 1980’s there was a surge of interest in creating positive affirmations, and several best-selling books (such as those of Louise Hay) fueled the movement. In the later 80’s, the field of “energy psychology” was born(technically called cognitive somatic practices), and trained health professionals were able to observe real-time in their practices that positive affirmation statements frequently do not produce positive outcomes because the subconscious mind does not believe the positive statement, and it overrules and defeats the intention of the affirmation.

The 1990’s saw a great deal of interest in physical techniques to restore body/mind balance such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), that utilizes tapping of acupuncture points (along with other procedures) with the objective of eliminating unhealthy mind patterns.

With the dawning of the new millennium, the FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ transformation process was born which was an evolutionary step in the use of flower vibrational frequencies to enhance wellbeing. The conceptual framework of FlorAlive® is elegant, simple, and really quite profound. That is because it explores and is able to utilize higher dimensional forces that we define as divine programming to “overwrite” negative thoughts, beliefs, and memories.

The first FlorAlive® flower essences were sold to select health professionals in the 2000 to 2001 period. Those individuals spread the word to colleagues and patients, and FlorAlive® grew. Many new essences were developed, now amounting to nearly 100. Many of the essences are not presently sold, and are “in the wings” waiting a time when they will be called upon.

As recounted in my book, The Floral Hand of God: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed, FlorAlive® was born from spiritual impulses, and has always dealt with the sacrosanct. So it is fitting that the non-denominational, non-sectarian Living Light Ministry (LLM) oversees production and distribution of FlorAlive products that are classed as floral sacraments. LLM is a private membership association.

What is truly remarkable is that selected flowers, pointed out to me by Higher Guidance over many years, have the greatest relevance in society just now. For in this period, where personal liberties have been trampled, and a global regime with anti-human objectives is determined to enmesh earth’s inhabitants in an artificial intelligence framework they control, there is a genuine need for conscious individuals to be empowered in embracing innate liberties, self-determination, and personal sovereignty.

Therein lies the strong alignment between FlorAlive® and those intending to step out of the mainstream to encounter the wonderful opportunities that lie within the homestead movement and with the formation of intentional communities. In a general sense, FlorAlive® empowers the discovery of our authentic self, and helps to free us from the threat of domination. It can strengthen many of the traits that are essential for success in self-determination.

I am amazed and forever grateful that inspired serendipity has defined much of my life. How is it that I was given Guidance over the last two decades in the discovery of quantum vibrational frequencies from selected flowers that remove (overwrite?) disabling programming thrust into our unconscious mind from so many directions?

Now, as the movement to rural lands is gaining momentum, what a perfect opportunity exists for my family to find just the right people to populate the FlorAlive® forest and farm – the intentional community we see developing. As I discover those that are in alignment with our mission, they will be delighted to enlarge the substantial infrastructure of the homestead we have built already, and help the creation and definition of a truly joyful living space.

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