The FlorAlive® Change Analyzer

We have chosen 5 metrics that can be used to measure improvement in your life situation over time after commencement of FlorAlive® flower frequencies:

  • • Opportunities – whether opportunities seem to “mysteriously” increase after FlorAlive® frequencies are consumed.
  • • Relationships – whether dysfunctional relationships quietly disappear and more satisfactory relationships start to manifest. Whether functional relationships show signs of improvement.
  • • Obstacles – whether the tendency to draw the same types of entanglements, obstructions, and limiting beliefs starts to change showing signs of improvement.
  • • Income – whether opportunities for better jobs or other increases in earning “inexplicably” start happening after FlorAlive®.
  • • Contentment – whether there is diminishing of chronic tendencies toward complaint, blame, unsatisfactoriness, living in the past or projecting into the future(avoiding the reality of the present moment), and worry about events that haven’t occurred.

Assessment of changes should not be made finally until 3 months of exposure to different FlorAlive® frequencies has taken place (for example, The Abundant Life Program.) Often we are looking at the transformation of lifetime behaviors. Change in these patterns in as little as three months is extraordinary. There is a subset of FlorAlive® consumers that report changes after the first drops, others within a couple of days, and often within a couple of weeks.

Please print the downloadable matrix (p.2), which has the following format. At the end of each week, please carefully assess and meditate on each of the 5 categories listed below. Look for trends of change. Be attentive to subtle pointers which indicate shifts that you have not seen before, especially in areas that have been troublesome. Notice how other people relate to you. Ask a trusted, observant, and emotionally impartial observer to report the changes they see in you, and note those in the FlorAlive® progress chart.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 5 Weeks 6 Weeks 7 Weeks 8