First published in 2009

by Dr. Brent W. Davis
• FlorAlive® Founder   •  Inventor of the UNCUT Flower™ Extraction Process

“Self-growth” is a term connoting personal evolution of some sort, personal growth.  But what part of our being do we want to grow?
In the self-growth movement, there is little if any discussion of the two “selves” within us, the “lesser” and “Higher” selves.  Yet in the mystery schools of ancient times (which taught evolution of consciousness), the distinction between the two selves was of critical importance.

Identity with “I”, “me”, “my”, and “mine” was considered to be the manifestation of our ego – the most visible part of the lesser self.  At its core are feelings of aloneness – isolation from the whole of life. It is characterized by a constellation of faults that are listed in the Goal of Contentment article.

The Higher self is deeply attuned to the present moment, and derives strength, capacity, and power from its knowledge of core connectedness to the whole of life. It is the evolutionary step beyond the impermanence of the lesser self.

The FlorAlive® model of the evolution of consciousness follows the teachings of the mystery schools.  It recognizes that enduring contentment, which is the greatest form of abundance, arises when the characteristics of the lesser self have been transmuted and when the attributes of the Higher self are pre-eminently active.

As long as there is conscious intention, I have never seen any method aid the transformation and removal of lesser self characteristics more rapidly than FlorAlive® UNCUT flower™ frequencies.

Years of clinical experience with FlorAlive® have revealed that as we undertake this process there is a stepwise process that can rapidly remove obstacles from our life.
First, remove the frequencies of trauma and/or abuse and restore the process of receiving which has been cut off.

Next, aid the cultivation of presence, living in the Now. To accomplish this, many subconscious mind patterns must be eliminated, such as: regressive tendencies to judge oneself and others, lack of forgiveness, desire to control, feelings of insecurity, and many others.

Last, begin the process of empowerment. We cannot add power to weak and faulty vessels.  We cannot in proper holistic healing, begin a tonifying regimen when the body is still toxic.  Similarly, empowerment cannot be done when we still have many basic faults to clear.

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