More Powerful Than Affirmations

First published in 2007

by Dr. Brent W. Davis
• FlorAlive® Founder   •  Inventor of the UNCUT Flower™ Extraction Process

The idea of making a positive statement with anticipation that it will have a beneficial influence in our life has an historical precedent from long ago.

It stems from a time where affirmations were associated with or were identical to the decrees and invocations made by individuals who were extraordinarily advanced in consciousness. (There is a memory of this era in the human collective unconscious.) Such beings were so advanced that in many cases they achieved legendary status with respect to their abilities to manifest powerful change.

These master teachers and healers have been called by various names, and have been revered worldwide.  Sometimes they were shamans from aboriginal tribes, sometimes they were monks in lineages of Zen or Tibetan Buddhism.  Sometimes they were called Masters of the White Brotherhood. The names are not important. What is critically important for this discussion is to recognize the advanced state of consciousness these individuals possessed.

When such beings spoke words with intention, they were highly coherent within themselves, and inhabited a state of mindfulness far beyond the comprehension of the average person.  When they uttered decrees or invocations (what we might call “affirmations”), they were immersed in God Presence. They were invoking the I AM energy that is mentioned in A Course in Miracles.  In the case of highly aware and extremely advanced individuals (or individuals who were born with what Tibetans call “accumulated merit”), decrees, invocations and affirmations truly can have power and can cause major change, because there are no negative subconscious beliefs opposing them.

It is very misleading, however, to think that the average person can plan on the same kind of change occurring in his life by simply adopting positive conscious beliefs, repeating positive statements, AND even by adding the dimension of “feeling” that the statement is true.  Whether affirmations have an effect has to do with a type of coherence that links and aligns intention with the subconscious mind. (Sometimes this “linking” can occur in a deep meditative state or in a particular “feeling” state.) If an affirmation (which arises from an intention in our conscious mind) does not somehow interface and connect deeply with the subconscious mind, it is likely that it will have no effect. And if there is a negative opposing subconscious belief, the affirmation will not have a positive outcome because the negative subconscious belief overrides positive conscious intentions.

This is not speculation.  I witness it every day in my clinic. It is proven every day by clinicians trained in an emerging field (called “thought field therapy” or “energy psychology) whose origins date back 20-30 years. Let’s take a look at the time when the discovery was made relating to why and when affirmations don’t work.

Energy “psychology” actually was discovered by a chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, who developed the critically important clinical tool of broad and holistically diagnostic muscle testing. Then, in collaboration with a holistic psychiatrist in the early years and later with psychologists and chiropractors, a rapid system was developed using self-referential statements to measure what subconscious thoughts or beliefs were present in an individual’s subconscious mind.  It represented an astonishing leap in mind-body healing, because what were always intangible and invisible –namely thoughts– suddenly were rendered visible, and could be assessed and monitored for change.

In the late eighties, I recall a profoundly significant case presentation presented at the annual summer meeting of the International College of Applied Kinesiology.  None of us attending at the time realized how significant it was. The presenter explained that he was using manual muscle testing in his patient evaluation and he was curious to see what would happen if his patient stated aloud a positive affirmation that the patient had been repeating on his own (something along the lines of “I love and appreciate myself”.)

Initially the patient’s test muscle was normally facilitated (“strong”). Then the doctor asked his patient to repeat aloud the positive affirmation. He was dismayed when the patient’s previously strong muscle weakened.  In other words, making the positive statement made his patient lose strength! What this meant was that at the subconscious level his patient did not believe the statement to be true. Not only did he NOT believe it, but upon stating it, it was harmful because at a core level his subconscious mind rejected the statement as non-coherent with his stored beliefs about himself. It became possible to measure whether an affirmation was or was not helpful.

Once it was discovered how to monitor beliefs that are present in the subconscious mind, numerous individuals developed “operator mediated” interventions (such as tapping of acupuncture points) to shift patients’ subconscious beliefs. (EFT–Emotional Freedom Technique is a good example of that type of practice.)  The first person to widely publicize this evolutionary development was psychologist, Roger Callahan, in his book, The Five Minute Phobia Cure. Now, many years later, there are probably at least forty different operator-mediated methods of influencing and changing stored subconscious beliefs.

What is unique and desirable about FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ essences is that the profound changes and clearing they effect in our subconscious mind are not from human “operator” mediated intervention, but rather from powerful and pure floral Source frequencies of incomprehensible magnitude. I call them Divine Source frequencies. Any time you can partake of the Divine, it is a good idea!

At the turn of the millennium, after I made the discovery of how to extract frequencies from UNCUT flowers (see Dr. Edward Bach Is Smiling for an account of this experience), I realized that with my background in applied kinesiology muscle testing I had a remarkable tool at my disposal to evaluate how or if a particular flower can change stored subconscious beliefs a person is harboring.

One of the simplest tests to check if an individual is harboring damaging subconscious beliefs is the “basic orientation to life” test phrases. They are:
– Life is good
– Love is good
– Health is good
– I desire to be healthy
Sadly, it is common for the average individual to weaken upon stating these screening phrases.  In other words, at the subconscious level, the average person does not believe “life is good”, “love is good”, etc. Making the affirmation many times every day, “life is good” will normally not make that belief true in the person’s subconscious mind.

After a great deal of clinical testing and serendipity beyond belief I found a mixture of six remarkable flowers (ReviveAll™) which removes and appears to “overwrite” many common and highly disabling beliefs, including those above.  So, as an example, when a patient makes the statement from above, “life is good”, and that causes a strong muscle to weaken, it means that at the unconscious level there is the belief “life is NOT good”.  (That negative unconscious belief is commonly found in people who have been using many positive affirmations!)

The site contains a huge amount of information that explores this tremendous development for the evolution of human consciousness. Many consumer and doctor testimonials  explore how the FlorAlive® flower frequencies “overwrite” and rapidly remove limiting subconscious beliefs that have not been removed by other methods.

The Abundant Life Program™ is a collection of five FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ essence combinations (containing the flowers frequencies most often needed) taken over a period of four months, and has the ability to remove an enormous number of common limiting beliefs, launching a new positive era in many peoples’ lives.

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