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Level I: Registered Practitioner

The Level I FlorAlive® training seminar provides essential background information to help the new practitioner understand the theoretical and practical underpinnings of energy “psychology” and frequency healing.

Informative instruction on the basics of self-referential statement screening will be provided. You will be examined and tested by the instructor so that you somatically experience the proper way that the FlorAlive® essences screening should be conducted.

You will see slide presentations of key FlorAlive® flowers growing in their native habitats where they are extracted in their vibrant, uncut, living state.

For many participants, the slide presentations provide a vital link to the native region where the flowers develop their transformational abilities.

FlorAlive® students thus obtain a direct connection to the heart and soul of the healing forces that power the flowers.

In addition, you will be introduced to the FlorAlive® turnkey system for delivery of a whole new form of evolution of consciousness, deriving from the transformational power of UNCUT Flower™ essences.

Findings from the client’s initial visit are re-evaluated in subsequent visits by follow-up testing. The effectiveness of transformation of consciousness is measured when the original limiting beliefs found by self-referential statements are retested to determine if they have left and are no longer active.

This powerful and unique validation system sets FlorAlive® apart with a much higher standard compared to other flower essence systems and teaching methods. You will be introduced to the FlorAlive® support program which assists you in finding clients.

(See “Option for Customers” table below.)

During the seminar, you will spend time practicing the FlorAlive® flower essence screening process on different workshop attendees.

It is common in the first FlorAlive® workshop and training for the attendees to experience substantial personal transformation during interactions with the instructor and other attendees, and is a wonderful secondary benefit to the primary training.

Strong bonds are formed in the “body” of FlorAlive® practitioners because of shared insights.


Needed Documentation Before You Can Proceed to Level II Certification

You will be instructed how to evaluate clients/patients with before and after photos, and record each clients limiting beliefs before and after having taken the FlorAlive® essences.

Once you leave the training/workshop, you will need to use that process in evaluating 6 clients/patients before you return to the Level 2 training.

Records of those interactions will be examined at your Level II certification course to determine that they are adequate before certification can be issued.

  • Fee: We offer a scholarship price of U.S. to start implementing the FlorAlive® program.
  • Test Kits required for client screening are sold at cost: $69.11 U.S.

During the session with your client/patient, you can input information into your login area on the web site, and that will be able to generate the following report that can be delivered to your client by email or can be printed in your office:

Comprehensive Report

1 Cover with logo, date, customer name, practitioner name
2 Sabotaging/Limiting Beliefs
3 Uniqueness of FlorAlive Essences
4 Rewriting/Erasing Limiting Beliefs
5 Examples/Case Studies
6 Testimonials
7 Your limiting beliefs with flowers
8 Your limiting beliefs with your description why and how it impacts your life
9 Your limiting beliefs with statements of transformation
* Progress daily journal
* About FlorAlive

The client/patient will be offered the option to choose from one of the following FlorAlive® care packages:

Options for Customers

(1 Blend)
(3 Blends)
(5 Blends)
(all previous + 2 Advanced Blends)
Identification of Blocks
Transformational Statements
Specialized Report
Customized Remedies for you
Access to Shamanic Remedies not available to the public
2 Telephone sessions with Dr. Brent Davis


Practitioner Annual Membership Levels:

Certified Practitioners and Certified Instructors need to maintain annual memberships to keep certified status.

Practitioners Annual Membership LEVELS

Log In
Zip Code Referrals
Website Standard
Website Enhanced
Website Ultra Enhanced
Customized Patient Practitioner Report
Monthly Practitioner Teleseminars
Power Point Presentation for Meetings
Pre-Release Access to New Remedies
Annual Conference Full Price 15% Discount Free
One on One Private Sessions with Dr. Brent Davis at Annual Conference
Access to Shamanic Remedies not accessible to public

Notice: FlorAlive® products and FlorAlive® training seminars are not part of any medical model. FlorAlive® training does not constitute medical, psychological, or psychiatric care or treatment. FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ essences are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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