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Becoming a FlorAlive Practitioner – Introduction

Five Reasons Why The FlorAlive® Training and Certification Program is a Good Choice for You:

  • YOU GET RESULTS: Deliver profound healing to clients and loved ones.
  • YOU CAN VERIFY OUTCOMES: Give your clients proof that the essences you recommend for them are actually having an effect.
  • YOU ADD NEW INCOME STREAM: Add a proven income stream to your practice.
  • YOU CAN SAVE TIME: Become a Floralive practitioner without the requirement of numerous workshops and extensive time commitments.
  • YOU GET ACCESS TO OUR ONLINE CLIENT-REPORT SYSTEM: During the session with your client/patient, you can input information into your login area on the web site. The system will then generate a customized report that can be delivered to your client by email or can be printed in your office

From the Desk of Dr. Brent Davis

FlorAlive Forest, 75 Miles Outside of Nashville, TN


If you are a professional in the healing arts I strongly encourage you to become a FlorAlive practitioner.

With the FlorAlive essences you can easily add another income stream to your practice, while helping your clients and patients find major stress relief, improve their lives, and grow.

The possibility of profound transformation with FlorAlive® comes from the life force emitted by UNCUT Flowers™, collected around the world, in areas that often have a legendary reputation for healing energy.

It is not the practitioner who must be trained to have highly advanced personal skills for healing. It is the flowers that do the work.

All that is required of you is benevolent motivation and the ability to match the correct flower frequencies to the individual.

Our purpose is not to place you in a long track of education, but to enable you to effectively and easily help accelerate the evolution of consciousness in those that seek your services.

Since the turn of the millennium, I have been developing a streamlined method that allows healthcare practitioners to match the complete energetic profile of the transformational frequencies in FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ essences to each individual client or patient.

In a simple way, this process makes use of a sophisticated screening process that derives from the discipline of applied kinesiology muscle testing combined with a pre-screening method I developed, called “holographic scanning.”

Holographic scanning is a reflex measurement technique that serves to rapidly pre-screen all the flower frequencies produced by FlorAlive®, in a very short time, to find potential matches for the client/patient before turning to the more lengthy process of muscle testing.

When the potential matches are found, then the more accurate method of confirming the selection with muscle testing is employed. By using this process, you avoid unnecessary, time-consuming muscle testing.

This dual confirmation approach is a hallmark of FlorAlive®, and is a much more precise tool for selecting healing essences than the customary questionnaires and interview sheets that are used by other flower essence companies.

For this reason, when you become a certified FlorAlive® practitioner, you will have a skill that gives your clients the knowledge that the essences you recommend for them are actually having an effect.

Other systems of flower essence matching rely on whether the client/patient happens to notice benefits. Many times they do not, and it is simply a matter of faith whether the client should continue with the flower essence program.

Equipped with the unique capability you learn during the FlorAlive® certification training, you will be able to:

  • Confidently and ethically recommend the purchase of FlorAlive packages consisting of 1,3, or 5 custom blends you create.
  • As well as the follow up assessments that measure if each floral blend has had a beneficial and transformational effect.

In other words, you will be able to comfortably charge for your time that you spend in assessing the action of the essences, and you will be well compensated for this very valuable service.

Because Floralive essences get results, you will be able to develop an additional income stream for your business.


Here are the THREE LEVELS of practitioner training in workshops.

Level I – Registered Practitioner

  • Acquire the knowledge and beginning skills to select the correct FlorAlive® essences.
  • Start practicing with clients after 14 hours of training with minimal investment.
  • We offer a scholarship price for the workshop only $188 U.S. to help you start implementing the FlorAlive® program.
  • Required Test Kits for client screening are sold at cost: $69.11 U.S.
  • Get access to four attractive, full value FlorAlive® programs you can offer your clients.
  • Marketing support, including promotional brochures, your own FlorAlive® web page listing, and PowerPoint presentations for the promotion of your practice are available to enhance your visibility with minimum cost.

For more details or to sign up, click here: Registered Practitioner


Level II- Certified Practitioner

  • In the Level II training, more time will be spent studying the energetic character of the most profoundly transformational FlorAlive® wild flowers. This will assists you in being able to more effectively match which flower frequencies are needed by the client at each session of care.
  • Personal attention will be given to each trainee to improve proficiency in whatever areas of client examination and delivery of care are deemed necessary.
  • After acquiring Level I registration, the FlorAlive® practitioner must complete documentation requirements, relating to client/patient management, that will be examined for proficiency before issuing certification.

For more details or to sign up, click here: Certified Practitioner


Level III-Certified Instructor

  • Application to become a certified instructor requires that you have successfully used FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ essences on clients/patients for a period of at least one year. Additionally you will have to fulfill the delivery of care documentation required for Level II certification on a minimum of 36 clients/patients. (Click the Level I seminar link for details under: “Documentation For Level II Certification.)
  • The Level III training for certification includes four hours of instruction in the basics of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)  and NVC (non-violent communication – the language of compassion) to increase your effectiveness at communication when you present training courses. You will receive additional guidance in marketing strategies to create the number of training venues you desire to teach.
  • Personal attention will be provided to each instructor candidate to improve proficiency in whatever areas of client examination and delivery of care are deemed necessary.
  • You will receive personal clearing and life enhancement from the most current advanced level essences that Dr. Davis has developed, before they have been released for general use. Dr. Davis will formulate for you a combination essence toward the beginning of the Level III training to take during the seminar.

For more details or to sign up, click here: Certified Instructor
Notice: FlorAlive® products and FlorAlive® training seminars are not part of any medical model. FlorAlive® training does not constitute medical, psychological, or psychiatric care or treatment. FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ essences are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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