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FlorAlive® Transformational Workshop and Health Professional Training: January 26, 27, 28 2018

Taught by: Brent W. Davis, D.C. – FlorAlive® Founder

Expand Your Practice by Learning How to Clear Your Patient’s Blocks to Healing…

CASE STUDY #1: Clearing Massive Reversal

“It’s given me a lot of hope for chronic patients…I’m excited.”

-Dr. Angela Baylis, DC

7 Benefits You Get When You Attend the Workshop…

  • DEEP KNOWLEDGE: You obtain deep knowledge and mastery of the FlorAlive Transformation Process, which will enable you to create better clinical outcomes for your patients
  • CERTIFICATE: You receive a FlorAlive certificate of attendance that will help you expand your practice
  • PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION: You experience a personal transformation over three days that will positively impact your life and practice
  • FREE ASSESSMENT: You receive a free assessment and customized formulation tailored to your specific needs, as determined by Dr. Davis’s testing
  • NATURE ESCAPE: You spend three days in a very beautiful forest setting and escape from the noise and pollution of the city
  • PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY: You join the exclusive community of FlorAlive practitioners
  • PERSONAL CONNECTION: You build a personal connection to Dr. Davis that will last for years

CASE STUDY #2: Removing Damaging Negativity

“Highly recommend the seminar.”

-Dave, Schnelle, Energy Worker

FlorAlive Workshop Details…

  • SEMINAR AGENDA: Please see the next section for full details
  • TIME: January 26-28, 2018
  • PLACE: Lobelville, TN by Dr. Davis’s forest property
  • LIMITED ACCEPTANCE: Only 15 people can be accepted so they can get full attention and individualized care
  • ROOM AND BOARD INCLUDED (Value-$600): Please call us at 1.800.274.3727 for lodging details. Space is limited, so first come, first served. Meals catered by a professional gourmet chef who will be brought in from Nashville for this event
  • FLORALIVE CERTIFICATE: Participants receive a certificate of attendance from Dr. Davis.
  • FREE CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT AND FORMULATION (Value-$115): One-on-one transformational treatment from Dr. Davis. Each attendee receives a customized flower formulation as indicated. Selection of flower-essences includes an additional 50 essences that have not yet been released to the public.
  • FREE: The Floral Hand of God- Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed (Value $29.95)
  • FREE: Full Set of FlorAlive Test Kits Level 1 and 2 (Value-$69)
  • FREE: Seminar Materials
  • INVESTMENT: $1395
  • HOW TO SIGN UP: Please call us at 1.800.274.3727


“This is at a whole new level of removing blockages to fulfilling our potential.”

-Linda Yellin, DC


DAY 1: Friday, January 26

  • Arrive at Lodge sometime between noon and 5 pm.  The lodge is a 90-minute drive from Nashville. You will need a rental car or your own vehicle. Once attendance is set, we send emails to share contacts with those in attendance so that among themselves attendees can work out carpooling, depending on their flight schedules. Often it is possible to share vehicles.
  • A light dinner will be served at 6 PM.
  • Slide show and lecture by Dr. Davis begins around 7:15 pm lasting until 10 pm normally. The slide show presents images around the world of the remarkable locations and the flowers they contain that create the FlorAlive® transformation experience. This is a very important preparatory process for the training that follows.

“You can only get this by having hands on experience…”

-Yvonne Cropp, Energy Worker

DAY 2: Saturday, January 27

  • Breakfast 8-9 am.
  • 9:15am to approximately 12:45 pm Dr. Davis morning presentation deals with explanation of the quantum science and theoretical underpinnings of “nearly instantaneous thought transformation” that occurs when consumers are exposed to the quantized frequencies derived by the patented FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ extraction process.
  • The question of “how can such rapid transformation take place from using FlorAlive® essences?” is fully explored and explained, utilizing physics and cosmology information from Dr. Davis ground breaking 2014 book: THE FLORAL HAND OF GOD: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed.
  • The increased depth and permanence of change from using FlorAlive® transformational essences is explained in comparison to the types of transformation seen in conventional Energy Psychology and Neuro-Emotional Therapies commonly used.
  • Lunch 1–2 pm.
  • 2pm to 6 pm   Health professional work-shopping supervised by Dr. Davis.
  • Overseeing sessions involving examiners and subjects, Dr. Davis takes pauses to show and explain the types of unique opportunities that arise for advanced transformation WHEN key elements are recognized in each subject being examined. This is a major feature related to the great value of the seminar.
  • Davis’ assessments and treatment of attendees
  • 6:15 to 8 pm “The great meal” banquet. Camaraderie and mingling takes place at the lodge until at least 10 pm

“Gratefulness for Dr. Davis.”

-Teddy Fromdhal, Multi-modality Practitioner

DAY 3: Sunday, January 28

  • Breakfast 8-9 am.
  • 9:15am to approximately 12:45 pm  Work-shopping and Dr. Davis’ continuing individual assessments.
  • 1pm–2pm Lunch
  • 2 pm to 5:30 pm – Work-shopping and Dr. Davis’ continuing individual assessments.
  • 5:30-6 pm    Closing remarks and summary.
  • 6:15-7:30pm Light dinner. Attendees are released to their own schedule.

Monday, January 29

  • Attendees take their leave as per their flight schedule


Call us now at 800-274-3727 to reserve your spot and please hurry. Only 15 participants can be accepted.

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