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From the desk of Dr. Brent Davis

Author, Founder of FlorAlive

Hello and welcome!

I have created this free online test to help you find out if one or more of three subconscious stressors are secretly blocking you from experiencing the life of your dreams.

You see, stress affects much more than your health…

It affects your relationships, your self-esteem, your well-being, your quality of life and so much more.

So if you don’t have the life you want…

  • If you are in a state of worrying about your job or your future
  • If you want a new romantic relationship or simply to fan the flames of an existing relationship
  • If you want more money or greater security

It’s very likely one or more of the hidden stressors are secretly blocking you from getting what you want. This quick test will reveal if, and how much, each the three hidden stressors are affecting you.

What’s really important to understand is that…

The most profound sources of stress that we experience are invisible. Buried deep in our subconscious.

And that unless we remove these stressors at the level of the cause, we will only have temporary relief from stress. Which means, getting the life we want will remain out of grasp.

So please go ahead, and take the test below! It’s easy and there is no cost. Find out if emotional trauma, resistance to change, or fight or flight reactions are harming you and by how much.

My Best Wishes,

Dr. Brent W. Davis


I sometimes feel very alone or disconnected

Too often, I feel powerless to change my circumstances

I could use a boost in my self-esteem

I have experienced physical trauma, emotional trauma, or abuse

Sometimes I feel that I am unlovable


Something deep within me seems to resist change

I feel I may not be dealing effectively with “negative energy“ from others

Sometimes it seems I have unhealthy attachments I would like to break

I often find it hard to fully claim my personal power

Sometimes I feel that I’m facing insurmountable obstacles beyond my control


Sometimes I drive myself too hard to avoid failure

When caught off guard, I instinctively overreact, even if the challenge is not very substantial

When people question my thoughts or ideas, I may feel attacked

Some people may see me as "hyper" or "hyper-vigilant" and not really relaxed most of the time

If I’m not alert and cautious, quite often I feel people will take advantage of me


Great! Your results are being calculated.

Now please give us your permission to email you a link that will show your results. Your scores will explain which of the subconscious stressors are blocking from getting the life you want and by how much.

You may recall that the three subconscious stressors are a) emotional trauma, b) resistance to change, and c) fight or flight reactions. Not to be missed.

You also get a subscription to FREE valuable lessons with powerful and exclusive knowledge to help free yourself from the subconscious stressors.

All you need to do now is enter your first name and best email and click the button. You will get access to your test results right away.

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