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Scientific Validation

Introduction “Science” can be described simply as a rational, orderly, and consistent way of investigating an experimental question. Scientific methods can be applied in several areas.

expirementbg[1]There are three domains of Science:

1. “Hard” science employs data collection instrumentation that yields replicatable results with the intention of being operator independent. An example would be X-ray diffraction analysis of crystals.

2. “Soft” science uses a rational and orderly approach to assessing experimental questions which are inherently less objective than “hard” sciences. It may use tools such as questionnaires in the field of psychology, or applied kinesiology muscle testing in the natural healing arts.

3. “Spiritual” science is an approach to orderly thinking thoroughly explored by German philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. Ph.D.(1861-1925), who wrote more about the subject than perhaps anyone else.

Steiner always asserted that modern scientific methodology and spiritual subject matter are completely compatible. He believed, however, that material scientists should be grounded in spiritual science to be guided in truth. He wrote:


“Individual scientists have long recognized certain limitations – the speech [given by Du Bois-Reymond of Leipzig ending] with the admission ‘ignorabimus’, `we shall never know’, has become famous. This eminent scientist meant by this that however much we may investigate the mysteries of nature with the methods of [hard] science, we shall never ultimately be able to discover what lives in the human soul as consciousness or understand what lies at the foundation of matter. It could be said that natural science has forced man as a spiritual being out of the picture of the world that it is building up.”

Dr. Steiner gave us fascinating insights into human “knowing” of truth and how it relates to receiving input from a base of knowledge that exists as part of what he called the “supersensible world” and what we might now call our multidimensional universe.
He believed that we natively participate in a spiritual world through the concepts we inherently know, and that those concepts are not derived from sense experience. The idea of a straight line does not come from the physical world. We are able to recognize straight things because the idea, a non-physical thing, lives within us. Concepts do not come from seeing the physical world but from an ‘inner seeing.’ Steiner calls this kind of perception, as distinct from sense perception, intuition.

With concepts we are intuitively in touch with a supersensory world. It is true that when we perceive sensible objects our senses provide input from the sensible world, but it is the concept that allows us to know what we are seeing. Our activity, which usually goes unnoticed, consists in the addition of the concept. This we generally call thinking. (Adapted and abridged from James Hindes’ writing on Rudolf Steiner.)

At FlorAlive® we feel fortunate to be able to employ the three types of science in the development of the (r)Evolutionary quantum frequencies from FlorAlive® UNCUTTM flowers. Though in its infancy, the UNCUT flower™ phenomenon is enabling enormous transformation of human consciousness in a short time and with very little effort.

A belief in Higher Guidance from the supersensory world is what prompted Dr. Davis’ dream at the turn of the millennium where he saw in his mind’s eye what is now the patented FlorAlive® extraction process and apparatus.

Two “hard” science studies suggest that FlorAlive® essences contain a greater concentration, amplitude, and range of healing frequencies than the world’s best known and widest selling flower essence.

“Soft” science in the form of one clinical study using questionnaires and statistical analysis show that in one month the quantum frequencies of FlorAlive® essences diminished and removed destructive beliefs of the participants by as much as 50 percent. Validation by clinicians properly trained in applied kinesiology muscle testing shows on an ongoing basis that FlorAlive® essences remove self-destructive and limiting subconscious beliefs when tested by means of self-referential statements. (The validity of this type of testing has been demonstrated in a peer-reviewed scientific journal: Monti et al., Muscle Test Comparison of Congruent and Incongruent Self-Referential Statements, Perceptual and Motor Skills (1999) 88, 1019 – 1028.)

FlorAlive® and “Hard” Science

A useful method in science is to compare a new discovery (in this case quantum frequencies from the FlorAlive® UNCUT flower™ process as appearing in the combination essence ReviveAll™) with an existing entity that has a long history of use: a “gold standard”. The combination flower essence with the longest history of use and the largest volume of sales is Dr. Bach’s 5 flower essence he created over 70 years ago to ease emotional shock that can occur after an accident or other disruption. Dr. Bach’s 5 flower combination essence was used in comparison with Dr. Davis’ six flower combination essence created for FlorAlive®, ReviveAll™. Off-the-shelf sealed bottles of each product were sent to two different research facilities in Europe for scientific analysis and comparison.

Test 1 – The first evaluation was performed by the laboratory of Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp at the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany. Frequencies emitted by biological systems may be so subtle that conventional laboratory instruments cannot directly measure them. So Dr. Popp devised an ingenious way, tested over many years, to measure subtle frequencies (such as those found in homeopathic remedies and flower essences) by measuring the amount of re-emitted photons from standardized sprouting seedlings that have been treated by the substance under investigation. (A sophisticated instrument that can actually measure individual photon emission was used.) Two standardized sprouting seedling systems were used, each one having been treated by one of the flower essences. Both systems are then exposed to the exact same quantity and intensity of light, and the light that each system re-emits is directly correlated with the vitality of the test solution (each company’s flower essence.)

The graph measuring this vitality is shown below.sci_popps

FlorAlive® ReviveAll™ showed 27% more vitality as compared to Dr. Bach’s five flower emergency formula.

Test 2 – The second evaluation consists of an ingenious new technology made available in 2007 in which a very sensitive, ultra compact RF (radio frequency) monitor is placed within a small sample of the solution under investigation. The monitor can detect the strength (amplitude) and spread of frequencies (hertz range) of each test sample. This is a direct measurement. Initial tests show a very exciting finding relating to ReviveAll™. The dominant resonance of the atmosphere around the earth is the Schumann frequency of 7.83 hertz (cycles per second), and this is a critical part of the natural frequencies of the brain and life cycles in biological systems. Direct measurement of ReviveAll showed the distinct signature of the frequency of living plants – a hertz range including the Schumann frequency – which communicates information in biological systems. That low hertz range was not present in the test sample of Dr. Bach’s five flower formula.

This very promising test system must be corroborated over a period of time before results can be published.

FlorAlive® and “Soft” Science

A one month clinical trial of selected FlorAlive® UNCUT flower™ essences, employing a before and after questionnaire was undertaken from October 1, 2005 to November 1, 2005. Applied kinesiology muscle test measurement of change induced as a result of making self referential statements was used to reveal areas of potential subconscious conflict. Flower essences were chosen on the basis of their ability to abolish unhealthy response from self referential statements.


Figure 1 graphs the participants’ total scores pre- and post-treatment. The difference between the two sets of scores by the paired t-test is statistically significant (t 5.89, 22 df, p<.001). As can be seen, the responses of 20 of the 23 participants were more positive (lower scores) after the 30-day regimen of FlorAlive® flower essences. Their scores decreased on the post-treatment questionnaire, compared to their scores on the pre-treatment questionnaire, changing on average by 34 points, which is a 41% improvement.

Figure 1 graphs the participants’ total scores pre- and post-treatment. The difference between the two sets of scores by the paired t-test is statistically significant (t 5.89, 22 df, p<.001). As can be seen, the responses of 20 of the 23 participants were more positive (lower scores) after the 30-day regimen of FlorAlive® flower essences. Their scores decreased on the post-treatment questionnaire, compared to their scores on the pre-treatment questionnaire, changing on average by 34 points, which is a 41% improvement.

An analysis of the total response scores reveals a statistically significant relationship between pre- and post-treatment responses (Spearman Rank Correlation r = 0.61, p< .02)



Relative to the 9 feeling/affect statements which improved (Table 2), “I feel shut down” (item 7) showed 52% improvement. Emotional and physical abuse are the primary causes of emotional “shut down”. The marked pre to post questionnaire improvement in item 7 of Table 2 especially, and in the other eight items as well, supports the clinical observation that FlorAlive® UNCUT flower™ essences cause an opening to more positive consciousness and to the potential of an exuberant life.


FlorAlive® and “Spiritual Science”

On a subjective level, comparisons of pre to post photos on this site of individuals who have taken FlorAlive® essences show in the eyes a trend which might be called “the liberation of light.” (Please refer to the “Personal Stories” tab on the main menu.) An easing of tension and a deep internal opening is often observed in photos after the essences have been consumed. Many testimonials also confirm this phenomenon. We hear comments from health professionals and consumers every week about astonishing transformations, and look forward to seeing these personal experiences recounted directly on our blog.

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