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Space Clearing


Instantly Clear Your Office and Home from Negative Energy Without Any Smoke or Odor!

Introducing CLEAR, the new quantum-energy clearing spray…

Dear Health Practitioner,

I have created the CLEAR spray to help you quickly cleanse your office or home from negative or stagnant energies.

You see, as we interact with people day in and day out, our space gets filled with mental and emotional energy, which is often negative.

And so we begin to feel sluggish, “heavy,” and even stuck. Things don’t seem to flow and simple tasks may take longer to complete. Office staff may get irritated and act out of character.

Enter CLEAR, the new quantum-energy clearing spray I created after many years of work. Simply put, CLEAR will get rid of the negative energy and make you space more coherent.

Unlike smudging, incense, and essential oils which chemically clear the room, CLEAR instantly clears the energy at the quantum level. This is accomplished by the high-frequency flower essences it includes. (Please see graph further below.)

Which, in turn, will create a more productive and harmonious environment for you, your staff, and your patients. So please, see my video below, check out the rest of the page, and get your own spray bottle of CLEAR today (4 oz for only $34.95). You and your staff will be very happy you did!

Dr. Brent Davis, Founder of FlorAlive, Author of The Floral Hand of God: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed

Watch Dr. Davis explain his new, quantum-energy method of space clearing…

What you lose by not clearing your office space daily

  • You allow negative energies and emotional residue to collect in your office, which creates an unpleasant and unproductive environment
  • You feel drained and sluggish and you don’t perform at your best
  • You get irritated without knowing why
    • You go home spent and carry over the negative influences to your personal space

Isn’t it time to get rid of these negative influences? And all it takes is just spraying around a few times!

What you gain when you clear your office space

  • You instantly remove all the negative energies and the emotional “muck” in your office. This is accomplished by changing the thermodynamic character of the room into greater coherence
  • You create a harmonious and productive environment for yourself, your staff, and your patients.
  • You feel lighter, more focused, and less tired.
  • And it’s easy! All you have to do is spray around the room a few times. (Please watch the demonstration by Dr. Davis in the video above.) The result is instant and the CLEAR spray is odorless.So why wait? Improve the “energetics” of your space for greater harmony and productivity


How the CLEAR space-clearing spray works…


The graph above shows how the mere presence of the space clearing essence in a room changed the thermodynamic character of that space into a more efficient energetic domain.

The CLEAR space-clearing spray is different because it works at the quantum level. In other words, when you spray CLEAR in your space it essentially raises the energetic vibration of that room from negative to positive.

And it accomplishes this task through the rare and high-frequency flower essences Dr. Davis has harvested from power spots around the world, such as the High Andes in Peru.

Unlike all other flower essences that are prepared from cut flowers, our essences are prepared from UNCUT flowers at their point of origin around the world.

And it is the act of harnessing the full vibrant power of live flowers at their respective power locations that empowers CLEAR to work at the quantum level.

So, go ahead. Take action now and reclaim the harmony and productivity of your office space…


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Act now, to go from this…


To this!



Price: $34.95Buy Now

+ Q : Can you tell me more about Dr. Davis’s background?

A : Since the turn of the millennium, Dr. Brent Davis has witnessed hundreds of people overcome grief, reduce stress, strengthen relationships, and improve their life in many ways, through the UNCUT flower frequencies he has developed.

From the remote mountains and jungles of Peru to the plains of W. Australia to the San Juan mountains of Colorado, Dr. Davis is inspired to locate rare flowers worldwide that can act as divine gifts to bring greater ease and joy to life, and assist in the evolution of humanity’s consciousness.

Throughout his life, Dr. Davis has had a compelling interest in the world of medicinal plants. He has focused especially on bringing to light both forgotten and new applications of master herbs as they relate to use in general clinical practice.

In addition to being a licensed chiropractor in California and Tennessee, he has advanced post-graduate training in classical homeopathy and applied kinesiology, as well as solid core training in numerous other natural diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. When he is not treating patients or traveling on “floral adventures,” he lives on his organic herb farm in the center of the FlorAlive Forest, 75 miles outside of Nashville.

Dr. Davis has collected and prepared herbs in the wild from around the world; clinically validated their usefulness in holistic practice; brought lost herbs to the attention of the academic research community; and co-authored two articles in prominent peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is the author of Healing Herb Rapid Reference and The Floral Hand of God.

Dr. Davis has developed a streamlined new approach to flower essence administration that he now teaches in workshops. This helps practitioners rapidly achieve transformational responses in patients and clients by identifying the most appropriate uncut flower essences for each individual.

+ Q : Do my negative subconscious beliefs or trauma really influence my life?

A : Absolutely! Subconscious beliefs and traumas have a very strong influence on how you think, feel, and act.

+ Q : How do FlorAlive products work?

A : ForAlive products are nature’s antidote to specific emotional issues and sabotaging subconscious beliefs. When you take the flower essence drops, they override your negative subconscious beliefs and traumas and replace them with empowering beliefs. Free from those harmful beliefs in your subconscious, you can have a better life and maximize your potential.

+ Q : How are FlorAlive products different?

A : All FlorAlive products are created from UNCUT flowers, thus maintaining the full power and potency of the live energy of the flower. Put differently, FlorAlive products contain all the plant’s healing frequencies in an optimally coherent state.

+ Q : What can I expect when I start using the FLorAlive products?

A : You can expect to feel better! That is the whole point of using the FlorAlive UNCUT flower frequencies. As you keep using the product, negative subconscious patterns that had not cleared with other therapies or interventions will gradually be eliminated and replaced with positive attitudes.

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Dr. Davis’ is the founder of FlorAlive and the author of The Floral Hand of God. He is a licensed chiropractic physician, as well as a homeopath, herbalist, and applied kinesiologist. From the mountains of Peru to the plains of Australia to the FlorAlive forest in Tennessee, Dr. Davis collects rare flowers and uses his patented method to created powerful healing essences.
The FlorAlive process for clearing your negative subconscious beliefs and emotional trauma does not require any strenuous effort on your behalf. All you have to do is place flower-essence drops in water and sip the water throughout the day. That’s it! The potent flower essences will clear the negative patterns automatically, and bring about positive change.
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