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The Conscious Mind Component

Review the list of characteristics of each of these basic essences. Choose up to six indications which best meet your needs

To release after-effects of emotional or physical abuse or trauma.
Affirms the belief, "It is safe to open my heart," Removes the damaging subconscious beliefs: "I am unworthy of love", and "I am only lovable when I am disabled".
To help protect against the invasive/abusive energies of others. To knit together the fabric of the psyche after emotional abuse.
To overcome fear of abandonment. For women, to promote the expression of the truly feminine – “goddess energy.” For men, to attract the latter into their life.
To displace the deep subconscious identity with shame. To eliminate the need for the venting of rage. To help release deeply buried hurt.
To enable the process of receiving and receiving of love.
To help remove the deep subconscious identity with worthlessness and "infinite devaluation".
To repair a “hole in the heart” from the loss of a loved one, a pet, a relationship, etc. This VERY COMMON problem is seldom recognized by the individual harboring this unconscious pain. When the condition is removed, energy and enthusiasm improves.
To overcome the identity of being “too sensitive.” To remove the subconscious belief, "If I step into my power I will be annihilated".
A shield against attack from negative energies. To fill one with self-confidence.
Removes the subconscious belief: “My mistakes are unforgivable.” For procrastination, heaviness, and obstruction.
To help overcome low self-esteem. Nearly infallible for this.
Missing the cellular frequency of the loving/wise/mentoring mother.

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