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Money Test Results

, your results were calculated based on your answers. The graph below shows how much your hidden money blocks are affecting you.

This graph shows each stressor based on the answers. The maximum is five and the minimum is zero. So each bar is calculated according to the answers.

5 = Severely affecting you
4 = Strongly affecting you
3 = Moderately affecting you
2 = Somewhat affecting you
0-1 = Not affecting you much

Please keep reading to get the fascinating details on these hidden stressors
and what you can do now to get rid of them fast.

Understanding Your Test Results…

In a moment, I will share powerful and EXCLUSIVE knowledge about the hidden stressors. Plus, I will explain your results, and show you exactly what you need to do to break free from their clutches.
But first, a few words about the debilitating effects these hidden stressors exact on you and your family.

What you lose by not tackling your hidden blocks

  • You continue to stumble upon the same financial roadblocks and you don’t have the money you need to pay down debt, or to do special things for your family.what-you-lose
  • You stay anxious and scared about the future and you worry yourself sick about the new bills you are going to get tomorrow.
  • You don’t own your time or your life. Your schedule is planned out for you, notby you and you keep going on and on, without an end in sight.
    • Instead of attracting money, you push it away and you lose the opportunity to travel, to grow, to contribute, and to live your life’s purpose.

Isn’t it time you break free from the prison of your money blocks and do what you know in your gut is good for you? Tackle your hidden money blocks right away and begin the journey to a more abundant and more fulfilling life.

What you gain when you clear up your hidden stressors

  • You attract all the money you need to pay down your loans. It’s a great feeling to tear up a zero-balance credit card bill and throw it in the trashcan. Plus, you buy what you what you want, including that Disneyland trip for the kids (or grand kids) or that expensive gift for your spouse, WITHOUT feeling guilty.what-you-gain
  • You graciously accept the deep sense of security, and the freedom that come from having plenty of money in the bank.
  • You work how and when you want to work. And how about using your time how YOU see fit for a change?
  • You make money your friend and you become a magnet for greater wealth.Imagine yourself going beyond paying the bills and building an egg nest, showcasing your true gifts, and giving back to the world.

You know you want more money and you should know you deserve it. So why wait? Go after it!

“The Abundant Life Program”: How my clinically tested product will help you attract more abundance in your life in 2017

During my practice over 20 years and more…

I have witnessed hundreds and hundreds of success stories with my patients.

As a result, I’ve discovered and experimentally validated critical knowledge that works best in dissolving the hidden money blocks we all have.

And now, I’m making this knowledge available to you.

What’s important to understand is that these money blocks found their way into your subconscious as a result of emotional trauma, authority figures, mean people, and other reasons.

So it’s not your fault.

But now that you know about the problem, it’s time to get rid of the money blocks by working at the level of the causes.

What does that mean?

It means that erasing the money blocks from your subconscious is…erasing-money-blocks

the permanent solution to manifesting more abundance. It doesn’t help much to try to force or “will” things. That’s working at the level of the effects.

You see, these hidden hidden money blocks are one of the key culprits behind your inability to attract more money.

Every time you try to move forward or make a move, these sabotaging beliefs rare their head from your subconscious. They make themselves known and whisper in your ear that you are just not good enough. That you just can’t do it.

When these sabotaging money blocks are removed, you will finally BELIEVE IN YOUR GUT that you deserve more money, you can manifest abundance with greater ease, and attract more financial opportunities in your life as well.

Conceptually, you may have all three stressors affecting you.

The chart above gave you a bird’s eye view of how much the stressors are wreaking havoc in your life. Here it is again:

In general:

If your score for a stressor is… Which means… Then…
Level 1: “Not Affecting You Much” You answered “I Agree” to none or just 1 of the 5 questions for that stressor You don’t need to be concerned much with particular stressor at this time in your life
Level 2: “Somewhat Not Affecting You” You answered “I Agree” to 2 of the 5 questions for that stressor You could certainly benefit from removing this stressor, but it’s not an immediate priority
Level 3: “Moderately Affecting You” You answered “I Agree” to 3 of the 5 questions for that stressor You should act now to remove this stressor. Chances are very high it has an impact on you.
Level 4: “Strongly Affecting You” You answered “I Agree” to 4 of the 5 questions for that stressor This is a red alert. You should DEFINITELY work on removing this particular stressor without delay
Level 5: “Severely Affecting You” You answered “I Agree” to 5 of the 5 questions for that stressor This is a red alert. You should DEFINITELY work on removing this particular stressor without delay



What Dr. Brent Davis Recommends for

When these sabotaging money blocks are removed, you will finally BELIEVE IN YOUR GUT that you deserve more money, you can manifest abundance with greater ease, and attract more financial opportunities in your life as well.


So what is “The Abundant Life Program” and how does it work…

In short, The Abundant Life Program™ is nature’s antidote to harmful subconscious beliefs that hold you back from having the money you want, what we’ve called the money blocks.

Unlike all other flower essences that are prepared from cut flowers, FlorAlive essences are prepared from UNCUT flowers. By harnessing the full, vibrant power of live flowers, The Abundant Life Program™ maintains the full healing power of each flower.

You see, Nature created flowers not just for beauty, but also for therapeutic purposes.

So when correctly prepared, essences from special flowers can bring about deep transformation.

The FlorAlive® Abundant Life Program™ is a five month program consisting of five combination essences. Each of the combinations (consumed for approximately four weeks) works specifically on removing one of the 5 money blocks , thus helping you get rid of one of the key factors that stop you from attracting more money.

Here’s how each essence combination works to clear the corresponding money block and replace it with an empowering positive belief:

ReviveAll Emotional trauma Repairs the damage of emotional abuse and trauma and works on issues of unworthiness
Abundant Life #1 Inability to receive Opens you up to the blessings Life has in store for you and restores your ability to receive abundance
Abundant Life #2 Non-forgiveness and judgement Helps you to stop judging and forgive yourself for your past failures
Abundant Life #3
Negativity Protects you from negative energies from within and without, especially invasive individuals
Abundant Life #4 Stifled Potential Boosts your confidence and empowers you to open up to new opportunities

There is no reason to wait. Clear these sabotaging money blocks and stop losing the money you want and deserve!

Imagine how your life will change with less stress, a greater sense of security, and the freedom more money brings…


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ReviveAll + Abundant Life 1, 2, 3, 4

The 5 bottle Abundant Life Program, Abundant Life 1, 2, 3, 4 & ReviveAll.

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+ Q : Can you tell me more about Dr. Davis’s background?

A : Since the turn of the millennium, Dr. Brent Davis has witnessed hundreds of people overcome grief, reduce stress, strengthen relationships, and improve their life in many ways, through the UNCUT flower frequencies he has developed.

From the remote mountains and jungles of Peru to the plains of W. Australia to the San Juan mountains of Colorado, Dr. Davis is inspired to locate rare flowers worldwide that can act as divine gifts to bring greater ease and joy to life, and assist in the evolution of humanity’s consciousness.

Throughout his life, Dr. Davis has had a compelling interest in the world of medicinal plants. He has focused especially on bringing to light both forgotten and new applications of master herbs as they relate to use in general clinical practice.

In addition to being a licensed chiropractor in California and Tennessee, he has advanced post-graduate training in classical homeopathy and applied kinesiology, as well as solid core training in numerous other natural diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. When he is not treating patients or traveling on “floral adventures,” he lives on his organic herb farm in the center of the FlorAlive Forest, 75 miles outside of Nashville.

Dr. Davis has collected and prepared herbs in the wild from around the world; clinically validated their usefulness in holistic practice; brought lost herbs to the attention of the academic research community; and co-authored two articles in prominent peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is the author of Healing Herb Rapid Reference and The Floral Hand of God.

Dr. Davis has developed a streamlined new approach to flower essence administration that he now teaches in workshops. This helps practitioners rapidly achieve transformational responses in patients and clients by identifying the most appropriate uncut flower essences for each individual.

+ Q : Do my negative subconscious beliefs or trauma really influence my life?

A : Absolutely! Subconscious beliefs and traumas have a very strong influence on how you think, feel, and act.

+ Q : How do FlorAlive products work?

A : ForAlive products are nature’s antidote to specific emotional issues and sabotaging subconscious beliefs. When you take the flower essence drops, they override your negative subconscious beliefs and traumas and replace them with empowering beliefs. Free from those harmful beliefs in your subconscious, you can have a better life and maximize your potential.

+ Q : How are FlorAlive products different?

A : All FlorAlive products are created from UNCUT flowers, thus maintaining the full power and potency of the live energy of the flower. Put differently, FlorAlive products contain all the plant’s healing frequencies in an optimally coherent state.

+ Q : What can I expect when I start using the FLorAlive products?

A : You can expect to feel better! That is the whole point of using the FlorAlive UNCUT flower frequencies. As you keep using the product, negative subconscious patterns that had not cleared with other therapies or interventions will gradually be eliminated and replaced with positive attitudes.


World class products from a top expert

Dr. Davis’ is the founder of FlorAlive and the author of The Floral Hand of God. He is a licensed chiropractic physician, as well as a homeopath, herbalist, and applied kinesiologist. From the mountains of Peru to the plains of Australia to the FlorAlive forest in Tennessee, Dr. Davis collects rare flowers and uses his patented method to created powerful healing essences.

Brent beach_9722

Profound positive change automatically

The FlorAlive process for clearing your negative subconscious beliefs and emotional trauma does not require any strenuous effort on your behalf. All you have to do is place flower-essence drops in water and sip the water throughout the day. That’s it! The potent flower essences will clear the negative patterns automatically, and bring about positive change.


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