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Maroon Bethroot

End toxic relationships in your life.

We have been creating flower essences for more than 20 years at FlorAlive, and a common pattern we see is people repeatedly attracting undesirable partners into their lives. 

We call Maroon Bethroot (Trillium cuneatum) the “Women’s Liberator”. This flower possesses the astonishing ability to shift a person’s frequency so that they no longer attract troubled partners into their life.

My Story of Discovering the Benefits of the FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower Essence, Maroon Bethroot

I first encountered Maroon Bethroot when I began surveying the newly acquired land I purchased in central Tennessee in 1993. The land was to be turned into conservation center for medicinal herbs, and it continues to serve that purpose today. With the exception of a seven acre open area, the majority of the land is pristine forest that contains dozens of species of healing plants. Many of the FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower essences come from the wild flowers growing there.

Maroon Bethroot is a dominant flower in that forest, blooming in the early spring. I was enchanted with its beauty, here is one of many photographs I took.

Nashville Maroon Bethroot

From my background in herbal medicine I knew that Bethroot had special applications for women. So when I prepared it as one of the first FlorAlive® extracts, I imagined that I would find uses for it among my female patients.

As with many flowers, its potential uses as an UNCUT Flower essence were initially unknown to me. When I brought it into Davis Vital Health Center to begin screening it on patients, it did not take long for me to discover a remarkable application for it. I described in my book, THE FLORAL HAND OF GOD: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed, the following inexplicable phenomenon that commonly occurs. When I have a new essence to characterize, somehow within the first few weeks of screening its potential applications, someone generally shows up in my office who is the precise match for the transformational ability of the flower.

The case in point for Bethroot was a woman who came in as a new patient for treatment of nervous exhaustion and stress-related disorders. Not long into taking her history, she described the most recent failed relationship she had recently experienced that was a major cause of her stress. She revealed that she had a history of similar occurrences and did not seem to be able to help herself avoid attracting the “wrong type of men.”

To understand how a specific transformational flower essence can be matched to an individual, it is necessary to understand the process I developed to apply flower essences in a field called “energy psychology” which arose from the discipline of applied kinesiology. 

Since my patient had a stubborn dysfunctional problem with attracting bad relationships, I thought I should choose very strong language in the flower test phrase to match her condition. The primary test phrase for Maroon Bethroot began as: “I am destined to draw trouble men into my life.” For her it tested true. “Destiny” translates as an inevitable condition! It eventually evolved into: “I am destined to draw troubled(or unavailable) relationships into my life” as it works for men and women alike. A completely different test phrase also became evident which is: “I am guilty.”

I heard from this first test patient several months later that after two bottles of Maroon Bethroot a different and better pattern was developing in her with the type of men she drew into her life.

Now years later the remarkable ability of Maroon Bethroot in stopping the tendency toward dysfunctional relationships has been well confirmed.

Visualization Process 

In his discussion of Emotional Fields in his book “The Basic Code of the Universe”, Doctor Massimo Citro describes how people’s emotions can impact the unseen fields that surround both themselves and the fields of others. Resonance between fields can result in both desirable and undesirable attractions.

Dr. Citro recommends that a person can use the practice of Visualization to produce emotions that change the vibration of their own field so that it resonates with other, more desirable fields.  I have understood this principle for some time, and as I further understands that selected flowers possess the ability to significantly accelerate this process. From my book “The Floral Hand of God”, try the following Visualization Exercise to practice while taking a flower essence:

  1. Imagine standing in a tranquil space.
  2. Above you and to the left (embedded in hyperspace that you cannot normally see) is a stored mass of your past accumulated experiences. On average, there is a lot of tangle and heaviness in this stored record of our being that does not serve us.
  3. On your right, you can sense a luminous new domain that has been constructed by benevolent intention and consciousness that is designed to free humanity from suffering.
  4. Consuming a FlorAlive uncut flower essence will immediately and directly link you to both these domains.
  5. The flower helps to deconstruct, bit-by-bit, the entanglements on your left and dissolve them.
  6. On your right, the harmonious clear space draws your consciousness upwards for integration into a luminous new reality characterized by the many benevolent forces present in these special flowers.

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