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Flower Essences For Emotional Support During This Crisis

To reduce anxiety and fear check out our FlorAlive Uncut flower essences.

FlorAlive Power Trio – Our Crisis Support Package

Healing Support, CLEAR, and Blue Eyed Grass

FlorAlive is designed to work on our mental and emotional levels of awareness where imbalanced or traumatized beliefs can unconsciously be stored. These run like “background programs” and can negatively affect our immune system and outlook on life. Changing our beliefs makes it nearly impossible not to improve our immune system.

FlorAlive provides holistic countermeasures to imbalanced energies by what may be experienced as a “quantum collapse” of negative unconscious beliefs, thereby reducing anxiety and fear, while instilling optimism.

At this time, it is important for us to be able to access resources that improve our outlook and strengthen our immune system. As we do this, we will have a much greater sense of well-being. 

The information contained here is from my book, The Floral Hand of God – Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed, published in 2014.  The book presents concepts of quantum biology and quantum physics that explain how flower essences work, and how they can change unconscious mind programming at such a deep level, and so quickly. 

FlorAlive countermeasures to the current health and fear crisis.  

Given our current environment, if there was a single combination of the many dozens of flower essences that are available from FlorAlive that I would recommend, it would be the combination of Healing Support and Blue Eyed Grass.

Blue Eyed Grass is extremely important for healing emotional trauma and/or abuse and Healing Support has a combination of flower essences that are very special. 

Healing Support has a group of flowers that are unique. 

Flowers in Healing Support

Uncut Flower Essence

Heartmend flower essence can benefit anyone who has experienced loss in their life. This can be from a loss of love, a loved one’s passing on, relationships ending, the death of one’s pets, or missed opportunities, all that can create a heaviness in the heart. It actually leaves an energetic lesion over the heart area. Looking at a sensitive person or one who has experienced such loss, one might sense an energetic depression of energy over their heart on a bio-energetic level. This reduces one’s vitality and is very important to clear. 

Uncut Flower EssenceFlora de la Luna comes from the high Andes, where many of our other wonderful essences are found. This one is one of the most powerful shamanic essences from there because it allows us to receive love. When I brought it back, I clinically found that when you receive love you can  also receive more money. It’s a very interesting correlation.

Uncut Flower Essences Another flower of the high Andes is one of the many beautiful Gentians (left) that are there and it helps us to be kind to ourselves, especially under difficult circumstances. It provides a soothing quality of feeling that somehow, things will be okay.

Uncut Flower EssenceSnowball flower (right), as I call it, comes from the Philippines. The flower is extremely powerful because it changes confidence into certainty. If you know how to do energy psychology testing combined with muscle testing you can test with phrases that reflect beliefs within our unconscious mind and how that changes after administering  FlorAlive uncut flower essences. Snowball creates a sense of dynamically positivity – something we could all use more of right now. 

Uncut Flower Essence

Flor del Oso (left) – For lack of better words, I say it takes us into the higher planes of God consciousness or unity where everything is as it should be. Fortification in this area of our consciousness. 

Uncut Flower EssenceBlue Lechenaultia (right) -The Aboriginal people in Australia call this flower “floor of the sky”. When it blooms there are brilliant blue patches on the sands of the arid Western Australian desert. It energetically instills the belief, “I know that all is well in my life”.  When you combine that with Blue Eyed Grass (mentioned above) which was revered by Native Americans around the Great Lakes area, it produces a wonderful outcome. 

The flower essence combination CLEAR:

Recently, a client came in who lost her job due to this current health situation and her family was feeling a great deal of stress. Her story is mentioned in the video above. I suggested that she and her family begin using CLEAR, both at her partner’s stressful job and at home. When she came in for the next visit, she said her stress level was reduced and that the CLEAR spray “makes a huge difference.”

Some have said it feels more powerful at clearing spaces than the wonderful Native American tradition of saging and for those who cannot burn sage (at work, in vehicles etc), this can be the perfect alternative. We have researched shamanic flower essence combinations for 15 years and came up with this effective blend. There are many flowers in this spray (including sacred shamanic flower essences) that we do not show publicly. This is to honor a pact made with elders and the shamans in the areas where the flowers originated, who prohibited that.

The flowers that can be shared are these three.

Uncut Flower EssenceThe flower on the right, Madame Fate comes from Africa originally, but it was prepared in Jamaica for an unusual purpose. It was used in Africa to get rid of “Obeah”- spirit possession- so when exposed to the energy of it, I jokingly say: “The “spooks” take off. They run when the energy of these flowers are around. It has very protective energy.  

Uncut Flower EssenceKo Oko O Lau comes from only one region in Hawaii. It doesn’t grow anywhere else in the world. This was their most sacred herbal product and it’s almost gone. Preparing the Uncut flower essence of it doesn’t harm the flower population at all.  None of our FlorAlive Uncut flower essences harm any of the flowers.

This uncut flower essence has the ability to remove the belief (watch the language here), “I am confronted with insurmountable obstacles”. When the person believes this, which we prove through semantic screening in energy psychology testing, “I’m confronted with insurmountable obstacles”, it will overwrite and essentially cancel that belief.

Freedom Flower (right) seems to essentially suck negative things from our unconscious beliefs into a repository where they’re reconfigured, and those beliefs lose their strength.

The three products that I suggest for people when they are feeling uncomfortable during these stay at home times are: Healing Support, Clear, and Blue Eyed Grass. I recommend you get them, and start using it for everyone in your family. 

Uncut Flower Essence

Separately sold the three products cost $110 plus shipping and handling.

To help us emerge stronger from this crisis of a societal shut down, we put this special Crisis Support Package offer together for you.  $97 includes FREE shipping.

Message for health professionals:

Practitioners would be well served by maintaining generous supplies of CLEAR in their offices. 

Here’s a way to begin screening your patients for unconscious emotional blocks. Learn how to do that with the method that I teach at There’s a three hour video that is a summary of a weekend workshop that I gave for doctors and other health professionals. In this shortened three hour training you may learn a great deal to help you serve your clients even better.  The training summarizes some of the important parts of my book, and then at the end of it, it shows the actual work-shopping with the doctors that participated. 

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