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Specialty Flower Essence Combinations

At the beginning of the FlorAlive® Transformation Process there are three very useful combination formulas to consider. (Substantial change and improvements cannot be expected to come from just one essence.) If you know you are internally resistant to change, we do not recommend beginning with ReviveAll™. In that event start with Healing Support™ and with the single essence, Blue Eyed Grass, at the same time. Then consider taking ReviveAll™ afterwards.


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A master combination essence for mental/emotional uplifting, and to diminish body/mind response to a broad range of stressors. Especially reduces the effects of abuse and emotional or physical trauma (core components of post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD).

Healing Support

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This master remedy is given to broadly facilitate physical healing by:

  • Instilling optimism and confidence
  • Helping to reduce grief
  • Lessening the effects of emotional trauma
  • Strengthening kindness to one’s self Healing
  • Healing support is recommended for all patients with physical ailments

For Love

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Nature’s antidote to harmful subconscious beliefs that hold you back from having the love you want, what we’ve called the love blocks.

Crowning Glory

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To help increase focus, order, and balance in life. To promote financial freedom. To help clear deep environmental contamination from the body. To help turn confidence into certainty.

End 2 Panic

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To help stop unfounded panic, nervousness, and hyper-vigilance. To help produce greater mind/spirit coherence. To affirm the belief, “I belong”.

Freedom Flower Blend

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To help protect against negative psychic energy & break unwanted attachments. An enormously powerful space clearing spray to remove negative entities and restore positive orientation to a place.

Pure Potential

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To help increase “good fortune” and manifestation in one’s life. To help enhance connection with Divine Source. Powerful spiritual protection.

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