Why Custom Blend

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Custom Blends seem to be most beneficial in individuals who have undertaken lots of self growth, and are used to personally tailoring their own evolution of consciousness. It is important to remember that just one Custom essence cannot normally provide the full clearing that is possible with FlorAlive®.

Your Custom Blend For Powerful Transformation

We create our life by what we think and believe consciously and subconsciously. The unconscious or subconscious mind exerts a far greater influence on shaping our life than we realize, yet normally we cannot change it.

The FlorAlive® essences are created in a clinical setting where it is observed that, astonishingly, they allow us to shift and eliminate our negative subconscious beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The FlorAlive® Custom Blend Selector enables you to create your custom blend by using your conscious mind in the selection process and by connecting you with your subconscious mind through your attraction to flower photos.

Begin the three step process of creating your powerful transformational blend by clicking the CUSTOM BLEND link.