Which Essence to Choose

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The Abundant Life Program is the place to start for most people because it contains flower frequencies taken in series over three stages:

  • STAGE ONE - reverses the effects of trauma/emotional pain/diminishment;
  • STAGE TWO - re-establishes receiving which is so often cut off;
  • STAGE THREE - merges our true spiritual identity with our personality so that we
    experience right empowerment, abundance, ease, and joy.

Single Essences such as Maroon Bethroot, Heartmend, and others not contained in Abundant Life, are often great support when they apply.

Custom Blends seem to be most beneficial in individuals who have undertaken lots of self growth, and are used to personally tailoring their own evolution of consciousness. It is important to remember that just one Custom essence cannot normally provide the full clearing that is possible with FlorAlive®.

Private Consultation with Dr. Davis is most often undertaken by individuals who have a mission and want all possible acceleration in its accomplishment, or by individuals who simply want the fastest transformation possible and want to make use of the many essences under development by Dr. Davis which are not available commercially.

FlorAlive® UNCUT FlowerTMessences are the first in history created out of a conceptual framework (described below) that measures the real time action of the essence on the subconscious mind in a clinical setting. There, intuitive inspiration as well as "other dimensional" guidance relating to the uses of the flowers is tested, and corroborated or rejected with respect to its true value. Clinical validation over several years has demonstrated that combinations of up to six flowers can produce the most rapid and powerful shifts in mental/emotional outlook and life circumstances.


Mental health educators and practitioners are increasingly recognizing that a high percentage of the population (some estimate at least 85%) has experienced physical and/or emotional abuse or trauma. Even after it is no longer being experienced physically, damaging after-effects manifest - most simply described as "shut down."

The sequence is often as follows:
The threat of physical or emotional damage from past conditioning leads to shutting down the natural receptivity to life, and is associated with:

  • JUDGEMENT to ascertain what is safe and what is not;
  • CONTROL to orchestrate life so that it stays safe.
  • As physical or emotional abuse/trauma becomes chronic, feelings of diminishment and worthlessness develop, as well as the neurotic belief that one is fundamentally flawed and destined to permanent devaluation.
      The resulting outcome is FAILURE TO RECEIVE:
    • Fulfilling Relationships
    • Prosperity
    • Joy and Ease in life.

The skillful and sequential use of the correct FlorAlive® essences is demonstrating in an extraordinary way the ability to reverse the harmful cascade of the above events. Once that occurs, we see those who consume the essences open to life, thrive, and receive opportunities and abundance.

     (The 5 bottle Abundant Life Program TM )
(billed the first month's two bottles @$75, then billed $35 per month for 3 months (including shipping in U.S.!) RISK FREE! After the first two bottles, if you - and observing friends - do not notice positive change, you may cancel all unshipped bottle