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Personal Stories & Photos of Change with FlorAlive®


All the individuals photographed below were instructed before photos were taken, "Do NOT smile, maintain a resting expression." When there appears to be a smile in the "after" photo, it is because the resting expression has permanently changed.

The aspect ratio of the before and after photographs in the first six sets is identical. That is, the distance between the center of the pupils on each of the photos is identical. Apparent changes in facial structure therefore are actual, and are not photographic artifacts.



10-01-05                           11-02-05

After taking FlorAlive® flower essences for 30 days, I felt a subtle internal shift. I am more open and lately, I feel safe in showing my vulnerabilities to my partner. My relationship with him is starting to move to a more intimate and deeper level. I would like this process to continue for the rest of our lives…going deeper.

The situation at work is also shifting. I feel much calmer and not as easily affected by the constant pressure and negative energy around an intense and challenging environment. I am able to pace myself in the job without running around like a mad woman, unlike the rest of my co-workers.

There are more layers to be revealed and I am excited to be working with Dr. Davis\' flower inspiration in a personal journey toward raising my level of consciousness and discovering my true essence.



05-03-05                           05-17-05

I am stunned with the rapid effects of ReviveAll™ and the other FlorAlive® flower essences.

I have been sleeping a lot, with my body and being undergoing transformation.



10-01-05                           11-15-05

Dear Dr. Davis,

When I first met you I was a 65 year old woman with very little energy. I am not quite sure what has given me the stamina I have now, but I did not have this level of energy prior to the FlorAlive® flower essences. I live in a house below the street level. The driveway may be between 30 - 50 feet on an incline. I am a little out of breath when I arrive at the top, but I can do it now without stopping.

Again, my level of endurance has increased and I feel good. The weight has been lifted.

Thank you so very much.



02-20-07                           03-13-07

"I just feel a lot less internal tension - less stress. I'm more focused with less intensity. Kind of amazing… seamless."



05-12-05                           05-26-05

I came to see Dr. Davis on 4-21-05 because I had terrible headaches and no energy. Since starting the FlorAlive® essences the middle of May my life has been transformed. I am free of pain, and have great energy. Three years ago I had a thyroidectomy, I thought I was supposed to be without energy, and also accepted the headaches and fatigue. I can say today, after taking the UNCUT flower™ essences and making his recommended life changes that I am alive, energized, joyful, and looking forward to a great future. I am eating healthy and feeling better than 12 years ago. I used to drink 4 cups of coffee to start the day. Now I don't have to drink it.


P.S I am a teacher in a very tough school and the kids used to drain all my energy by the second period. Now I can teach nonstop all day, and still feel good.


11-04-06                           12-21-06

I have a hard time believing that is me! Even the ears are different. Amazing! Seeing the pics reminds me of what I was going through at the time. Still a lot of pain there, but nothing like then. Just days before the first photo was taken I had a nervous break-down.

I give you this information so that there is an even greater understanding in the astonishing difference between FlorAlive® and other flower essences I have tried. Their healing powers are truly awesome!!! Very literally, they were life saving.


Dear Dr. Davis

I had the privilege of being at a seminar you gave in Asheville. I am a Trance Channel with sight of other dimensions.
I was amazed to see what these FlorAlive living essences were doing to the field that surrounds the body. When the participant was given the drops of the essence the colors in the aura changed and the bodies came into balance with the higher-self.

I have not seen any other process that so quickly brought about this change.

 Tara Brookshire (in red) pictured with Dr. Davis             

The increase of life energy and the full spectrum of color that was added after taking the drops was amazing.

My blessings to all who will be healed and their lives changed by accepting such a gift. Thank you Dr. Davis...you are a gift

Bless you,
Tara Brookshire - Professional Counselor, Clairvoyant, Asheville, NC

I have been an energy worker for the past six years. I have worked with color, crystals and Reiki. Through my healing work I observe human auras and energy fields, watching how they shift - and that shift is a gradual one. While attending your seminar in Fredericton, I saw auras change instantly when you used the FlorAlive flower essences.

I saw a person connect directly to Heavenly Source with a warm golden light and each of her chakras become connected with a golden arc, and then they became illuminated. It was a very powerful and moving experience for me and unlike any I have had in my healing work. As a result, I booked an appointment with Dr. Davis to have a flower essence assessment, and was again amazed with the essences he tested on me, as I instantly felt energies shift in my own body. I am looking forward to incorporating these essences into my life and my work!

Thank you Dr. Davis for your dedication and amazing awareness that you are bringing to the world!

Vicki (Fredericton N.B Canada)

Vicki observing the manufacture of 
Showy Ladyslipper in New Brunswick, Canada:

"The energy surrounding the fancy ladyslipper was gentle, yet very powerful. When the water was added to the containment vessel the flower became illuminated in a soft golden light. The center of the flower began to glow and a swirling energy radiated upwards. A feeling of release occurred in my solar plexus chakra. A family of chickadees flew over, as the water was added. In native animal medicine the chickadee is said to be able to help you with uncovering the mysteries of the mind, and to awaken understanding and a higher truth. When you worked with the second flower and I held the container, I felt a gentle rush of energy flow through my entire body, and then I was moved to tears."

Before taking the FlorAlive® flower essences I was lost and tormented from years of abuse and
suffering. Doctor after doctor, and thousands of dollars had been spent trying to restore the damage, but I had given up any last hope within me.

After mere days of taking the flower essences I (and others), began to notice a dramatic change. Now, I feel there is a light in my being and a divine glow of energy that shines through my eyes and radiates from me - the person I have missed all this time.

Now everything is beauty. I perceive with much greater clarity. I shall never go back to the dark place I was.


This is my experience with the following essences: Green Jade, Blue Eyed grass, Maroon Bethroot

The first several days brought a sense of groundedness and peace during a challenging workweek. Then a few days of feeling irritable, a bit sad, and feeling like something is "up" for change. I have the skills to just watch and notice and explore so all is well.

These essences really do feel like the "magic pill" we all dream of. As long as I am willing to open my mind and heart to allow the changes to occur within me, there is an ease and effortlessness to the process. And sipping two bottles of water daily is good for me!

I will continue using the various essences and will recommend them to others.

As the 4-5 weeks progressed, here are my observations:

1. It has been a year of difficult business times: not enough work as consultant, feeling distracted and unable to do the tasks of networking, marketing, selling. Within a few days of consuming the FlorAlive® frequencies, I became more grounded and clear headed. I found not only the energy to make calls, but the confidence to deliver my message. I have made some excellent contacts and am confident work will be coming through. And there have been a few days of work showing up unexpectedly.

2. More focused, productive in all activities. My creative life as a writer and performer is expanding. I am being invited to take roles in playswithout auditioning.

3. With respect to my relationship with my partner, I do feel more emotionally free, and have released projections and some energetic attachments.

4. All in all, I just feel "more" and "better". In touch with my feelings in a way that gives me more awareness rather than confusion. And I feel even more peaceful and "at home".


I have had to stay with the FlorAlive® essences, but they have changed the most resistant of problems which nothing else could touch. I have noticed:

• Big improvement in sugar/carb cravings . I can go longer between meals. Can walk past a candy/dessert. Feel less controlled by my need for sugar/carb. Eating less and significantly less carbs/sugars. Feel less crazed.

• Whites of my eyes are whiter.

• Feels like I look better (my face).

• Feel stronger emotionally, more peaceful, more vibrant . Much less anger/frustration/impatience. (My relationships in general feel UNstuck and more fulfilling.)

• Lots of recognition/acknowledgement in my work life.
Thank you,


Stage One. (first set of essences)One of the first things I noticed after taking the FlorAlive® flower essences was that, in a subtle way, I became more present and "in my body". I was able to settle more from a hyper-aroused state I was in almost all the time due to being in post-traumatic stress. I was able to become slightly more grounded.

Stage Two. (two more sets of essences to stage three) I became more compassionate and nurturing to myself and less judgmental.I was able to catch myself faster when I was "triggered", and instead of spiraling way down into a vortex, I could then acknowledge the feelings and be with the fear, panic, and "I'm not good enough" and "there is something terribly wrong with me that makes me so ashamed and I don't want anybody to ever find out" feeling. I became more able to see what triggered me and then be with the feelings in a more conscious and accepting way.

Stage Three (two more sets of essences to stage four)Anger that I was not used to allowing myself to feel, came up full force. Anger at things from childhood and towards I'm not quite sure what, came up for several weeks. I held in there because I knew I was shedding stuff from the past and all would be well.

Stage Four I am able to make decisions better and stick with them. I still second guess myself but I am not so overwhelmed with doubt and indecision over so many possibilities - not sure of which is the right choice. Now I don't become stuck and immobile like before. I am able to trust myself more. I also have more faith and trust in the Universe or a higher power. I am able to relax more, and not be as hyper-vigilant. The trust and faith is key in this. I am also noticing more instances of joyfulness and expansiveness. I am more conscious of opening the heart.

Stage Five (a month after my baby was born.)What a different life I now have! From desolation with no partner in sight to a beautiful new baby - within one and a half years. (picture enclosed.) This miracle would not have happened without the FlorAlive® essences.