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FlorAlive® Abundant Life Program™

The FlorAlive® Abundant Life Program™ is a four month program consisting of 5 combination essences, each one consumed for approximately 3 weeks - taken in the following order:

Begin with ReviveAll™, our master combination essence for:

(1) repairing the emotional damage of physical trauma or abuse,
(2) mental/emotional/spiritual uplifting, and
(3) to diminish body/mind response to a broad range of stressors and limiting beliefs.

Then follow with each of the Abundant Life essences, #'s 1-4 taken in order, listed below.

The statements appearing after the product name describe how the frequencies from that flower have been clinically tested and validated.

Screening of the 'test phrases' with careful muscle testing shows that the unhealthy subconscious beliefs listed are removed (or healthy beliefs are fortified) by the frequencies of the flowers. In many cases, astonishingly defeating subconscious beliefs can be rapidly removed.

ReviveAll™ abolishes weaknesses in the basic orientation toward wellness test phrases(following) which in many people initially are registering as NOT true in the unconscious mind: 'Life is good, Love is good, Health is good, I desire to be healthy.

Follow with:

1. Abundant Life # 1 - To promote receiving: Blood Root, Flor de la Luna, Blue Eyed Grass, False Dandelion, Star Spirit Flower. $44.95

2. Abundant Life # 2 - To enable forgiveness, non-judgment and safety: Hydrangea, Herb of the Cross, Dogwood, Green Jade Flower. $39.95

3. Abundant Life # 3 - 'To shield and/or repair damage from individuals in the past or present who are emotionally invasive.' Flor del Oso, Cat's Claw, Herb of the Cross, Madame Fate, Blue Water Lily. $44.95

4. Abundant Life # 4 - Once the diminishment you have experienced from others has been reduced and your ability to receive is established, you are ready for empowerment: Madame Fate, Butterfly Flower, Snake Root, Yellow Root, Joe Pye. $44.95

     (The 5 bottle Abundant Life Program TM )
(billed the first month's two bottles @$75, then billed $35 per month for 3 months (including shipping in U.S.!) RISK FREE! After the first two bottles, if you - and observing friends - do not notice positive change, you may cancel all unshipped bottle